FREE MP3 DL: Jon Kennedy’s “Tonto Rides The Gain”

Jon Kennedy photo JonKennedyC_cover_zps7f2e27b4.jpg
Jon Kennedy has a new track out and it’s called “Tonto Rides The Gain”, and this one bangs from the beginning before getting into some folk samples, which then leads to some solid funk, which then leads to some delicate vocals. The song is taken from the Corporeal, scheduled for release on June 24th. This song is damn good, may it take you through the second half of 2013 with style.

AUDIO: Pepe DeluxĂ©’s “My Flaming Thirst (Jon Kennedy Remix)”

Jon Kennedy creates a remix for Pepe Deluxe’s “My Flaming Thirst”, and this one is smashing. You may have heard the song on Pepe’s Queen Of The Wave album, but this remix album arguably takes it to the edge where it could/should/needs to be, complete with Aarre Saari’s vocals making everything sound right.