VIDEO: Nation Ruckus featuring Sir Jay & Jonathan Emile’s “Against The Wall”

Nation Ruckus will be releasing an album on September 18th called Boombox Manifesto (Big Dreamz), and this video is a bit of help to make that wait irresistible. The track is called “Against The Wall”, and with help from Sir Jay and Jonathan Emile, it’s a pure banger.

VIDEO: Lupe Fiasco featuring Skylar Grey’s “Words I Never Said (Jonathan Emile Remix)”

Even though he made it out that the world hated him and his music, Lupe Fiasco seems to be doing good at having people re-interpret his work, as this video of a remix of “Words I Never Said” shows. Then again, maybe these words he never said has to do with these new interpretations, remixes, mash-ups, it’s the perception of what people assume he’s trying to say.

Or something.