AUDIO: Wordsworth & JSOUL’s “Satellite”

Sunshine, moonlight, good times: what do you do? In the case of Wordsworth and JSOUL, you blame it on the music. It’s also the title of their forthcoming album coming out on September 23rd and they’d like to share a track from it for you to get your juices flowing. It’s called “Satellite” and with luck, it will keep your feet on the ground but keep reaching for the stars, as if you were Casey Kasem. Blame It On The Music can be pre-ordered now by going to by clicking the cover below.

AUDIO: JSOUL featuring Greenspan’s “Secret Life of Purp”

“Secret Life Of Purp” is a song by JSOUL that is a journey through the secret life of how some live and survive but are able to thrive in their own way. The track, featuring Greenspan, is from JSOUL’s album The Purple Symphony.


FREE DL: JSOUL’s “Audio Appetizerz” (EP)
JSOUL has released a new EP and not only that, it’s for free. These are what I would like to consider bite-side nuggets, which may be a hint that much more will be released this year. Let’s hope so, so please have a listen to what he calls, appropriately enough, Audio Appetizerz (HiPNOTT), which you can have for yourself via Bandcamp.