FREE DL: Juice Machine’s “Untitled Album”

While a lot of attention is being paid to Portland, there’s more to the weirdness of Oregon than just what is going on in Bridgetown, for you may want to check out what is going on down in the city of Eugene. This is where Juice Machine, a husband/wife electronic experimental/noise duo are from, and they’ve just released an album that they couldn’t decide a title form, so it’s simply called Untitled Album. They make a mess of noise with whatever tools they have available and offer it to those willing to listen, which may be gratifying, satisfying, or maniacally nuts. I say it’s a nice blend of all three. If improvised electronics are your thing, stream and listen to this. Two tracks, one album, and it’s for free but if you’re supportive to the cause, please use the “Name Your Price” option.

SOME STUFFS: Take a sip from the Juice Machine and their new album

Juice Machine photo JuiceMachine_cover_zps91dde7f2.jpg
Roger Smith and Heather Chessman are a wife and husband duo who as a group call themselves Juice Machine. Their new album is called Gratitude Flows and like much of their work, everything is improvised and performed live. Three tracks of insane drone glitch stuff, and it’s ready for your listening pleasures. To download the album, head to or to