BOOK’S #FOODIE: Styles P & Jadakiss put money in a juice spot for your health

If you have never had a healthy juice or smoothie, you do not know what you’re missing. Styles P and Jadakiss didn’t know what they were missing until things happened in their lives and discovered the health benefits of a juice made from natural ingredients. They both decided they would not only benefit others but also their community, a bit of “teach one, reach one” and they now have a juice spot called Juices For Life. It’s only in New York but with enough attention and recognition, maybe it will become a regional and eventually a national chain.

BOOK’S FOODIE: Cantaloupe Juice recipe

Cantaloupe Juice Recipe from Center Your Health on Vimeo.

If working out is a part of your daily regimen and want to find something new for replenishment, how about making some cantaloupe juice? Nah, don’t get it from your supermarket, make it yourself. As the description for this video states, “this juice is simple, great for digestion and is the perfect summer treat.” This comes from the Center Your Health Vimeo channel, and you can look over the recipe by clicking here. Take advantage of the summer fruit supply.

BOOK’S FOODIE: Jamaican carrot juice recipe (from “Cook Like A Jamaican”)

I’ve admired the island of Jamaica from afar for many years, and it’s a country that I hope to visit one day. I was looking for some Jamaican cooking/food videos, and while there are loads of meat and seafood videos, there were only a small handful of vegetarian, vegan, and/or Ital clips. Then I came across this video to make Jamaican carrot juice, from the Cook Like A Jamaican channel on YouTube. There are more than enough carrots out there at your local supermarket or farmer’s market, so for those of you who are dealing with the hot temperatures, put this carrot juice together and have a refreshing drink.