REVIEW: Sundance’s “Midlife Marauders”

 photo SundanceMM_cover_zps39a8d126.jpg When you name your album based on a well known hip-hop album, you’re trying to make a statement. Sundance has done this with Midlife Marauders, a slight look back at A Tribe Called Quest’s Midnight Marauders but instead waiting until after 12am to find the newness in the music you love, you’re now dealing with the reality of where you’re at now. In this case, midlife can be anything from real life to ones career, taking a look from the outside and trying to understand where you’re at and what to do next.

The vibe of this album feels like something you might hear in a Roots discography, perfectly between How I Got Over and undun, as Sundance tells his story in a very genuine way with little to no metaphors, and it’s somewhat obvious on what he’s talking about. It’s also nice to hear hip-hop that isn’t afraid to sound like it’s older and mature, as if it realized it can’t be 14 forever and wants to celebrate its existence. While the album also features collaborations with Propaganda, Wonder Brown, Cas Metah, Theory Hazit, Ozay Moore, Sojourn, Elias, KJ 52, JustMe, Boombox Titans, J Givens, and Khadia Che among many, you can still hear the fact that this is a Sundance project and everyone else also knows it’s his album too.

While the album also has instrumentals to some of the songs, the true album is about eight songs long running at 30, but it’s the perfect length to tell the stories he is successful in taking. Now that we are in the concept of a midlife crisis, Sundance knows that your menstruating heart can’t bleed enough for two, and now he’s trying to find his way into some level of sanity.


AUDIO: Scribbling Idiots featuring KJ-52, Theory Hazit, JustMe & EF Cuttin’s “Got That Hunger”

Scribbling Idiots are less than two weeks away from releasing their Illect Recordings album Invitation Only, but they decided to share yet another track from it. A few days ago they passed along “Pass It”, but this time, along with EF Cuttin, JustMe, Theory Hazit, and DJ-52, they want to let everyone know why they “Got That Hunger” with a bit of audio nourishment.

AUDIO: Scribbling Idiots featuring Freddie Bruno, JustMe, muzeONE, Jurny Big, Griffin & EF Cuttin’s “Pass It”

Invitation Only (Illect) by Scribbling Idiots is only a few weeks from being heard in full, but they want for you to hear and have a slice now. As is customary with friends both old and new, the Idiots want to “Pass It” to you, but make sure you also pass it around to reddie Bruno, JustMe, muzeONE, Jurny Big, Griffin, and EF Cuttin, all of whom appear in this track. You may pre-order Invitation Only below from Amazon.

FREE DL: JustMe featuring Deagon The Villain’s “BLVD Scarred”

 photo JustMeBLVD_cover_zpse4737524.jpg
Illect Recordings has released a new single by JustMe called “BLVD Scarred”, and what takes this closer to the edge is the production from CunninLynguists’ Deacon the Villain, who also places in a verse of his own. Also there for assistance is Anetra Polk, and to me that is a recipe for hip-hip success.

VIDEO: JustMe featuring Marcus Wilkerson and Sheisty Khrist’s “Knob Creek”

Cunninlynguists member Deacon The Villain directed the new video by JustMe called “Knob Creek”, with assistance from Marcus Wilkerson and Sheisty Khrist. The song comes from JustMe’s album on Illect, Full Disclosure (my review of which can be read by clicking here.)

REVIEW: JustMe’s “Full Disclosure”

Photobucket Running just over 43 minutes, Full Disclosure (Illect) is a new album for those who want their hip-hop to sound like it was created with thought, and not done as an afterthought. JustMe is someone who creates music with defintion, knowing how to craft his lyrics and rhyme flows with the right type of musical textures. He speaks on a number of topics ranging from people who are slaves to the system, politics, and the good of people who live life with positivity, all done in a fashion that is meant to be listened, interpreted, and passed on to people who need to be enlightened by quality music. For those who love tight productions, you’re going to hear everything from dope funkiness to bold incidental soundtrack samples and even some rock that you might not even know is rock. In many ways, the title is intentionally telling as JustMe wants to reveal as much as possible, thus why the album is called Full Disclosure. No shame and no guises to hide behind, this is the music as hip-hop’s forefathers intended it to be.

VIDEO: JustMe featuring Wonder Brown’s “Ceremonial Master”

Are you the master of kung fey? HEH? What did you…

Don’t make me kill you, for I will do it with pleasure?

Pleasure, huh? Heh. Let’s see about this.

Four days ago, JustMe offered a free download of his song called “Ceremonial Master” (which you can still find by clicking here. I really liked the song, and two weeks later, a video has been made available, and here it is.

Now, martial arts fans will notice a few things. While the song itself refers to Liu Chia-Hui and kung fu, the video shows a number of Japanese artifacts, specifically with one guy wearing a kimono with the Japan Air Lines logo in the back. Is there significance to this?

Kung fu elitism aside, it’s a damn good song and while the video isn’t 100% accurate, maybe I shouldn’t be spotting things that carefully. Just watch and enjoy.

FREE DOWNLOAD: JustMe featuring Wonder Brown’s “Ceremonial Master”

“Ceremonial Master” is the new song by JustMe, and this track features Wonder Brown assisting him. You can check out the song with the Bandcamp or Soundcloud links, with the Bandcamp link making it possible for you to download it in lossless form, a plus.

The song is from JustMe’s forthcoming album on Illect called Full Disclosure, scheduled for released on May 29th.

SOME STUFFS: Jaq knows the secret on how to “Escape From Radio Prison”

In music, television, and movies, people are always escaping something, away from the bad and towards something better. Jaq suggests that in terms of hip-hop, we need to Escape From Radio Prison, which happens to be the name of his brand new album. In preparation of the album, Illect Recordings have released “Holster” as the first single, this one featuring JustMe on the rhymes and DJ Promote mixing it up. You can take a listen with the Bandcamp player below. (If the player is not showing up, click here.)

Jaq is a German-producer who has been handling things on his own for awhile, and if you read your liner notes or go through Discogs like a fiend, you may have seen his name behind music for Sage Francis, MF DOOM, Buck 65, Illogic, and Homeboy Sandman.

As for Escape From Radio Prison, along with Homeboy Sandman, you’re going to be hearing loads of people who aren’t on mainstream radio but would probably assassinate the airwaves if they could (and they can), including Sev Statik, Dizzy Dustin of Ugly Duckling, Manchild of Mars ILL, and Sivion among many others.

A release date has not been made public, but it is forthcoming.