VIDEO: Sketch McGuiney featuring Cuban Link & K-Beta’s “Knuckleheads”

Cuban Link and K-Beta found themselves somewhere recently and where? In a new song called “Knuckleheads”, the new one by Sketch McGuiney and are they knuckleheads in unity? You may say that, sure. The song will be on McGuiney’s Handlebars album, which he did with DJ Alizay.

AUDIO: Inner Loop’s “Silk Road” (stream full album)

J Scrilla, Casito and Grussle are back together as Inner Loop and they’ve just released a new album called Silk Road. It is an ensemble featuring a number of guests, including Lyriciss, Wais P, G-Two, Kingpen Slim, and many more. You can stream the album above or if you’d like to know how one of the songs transforms into a visual medium, check out the video below for “Sugarcrisp”, which has nothing to do with breakfast cereal. Silk Road will be out next week Tuesday (November 25th.)


REVIEW: K-Beta’s “Inglorious Beta”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic While it is being released as a “mix tape”, this is as good as an album and should have been released as a proper album. K-Beta out of DC is an MC to the fullest extent, where he rhymes with power, writes with precision, knows when to be clever when he has to and how to be funny without sounding like a joke, he’s not an MC to laugh at but with, as he displays on Inglorious Beta. This album is 15 tracks of elegance, showing off when he has to but having the skills to back up that finesse. What also works is the tight production from a wide range of producers, bringing in hints of funk and soul with rock and psychedelia, helping not so much shape K-Beta but help to show how he’s ready to bless any track given to him. K-Beta will be an MC to look out for this decade, not to be fucked with at any cost.

(free MP3 download after the link)