AUDIO: K-The-I???’s “Moon Walking On Lenticular Clouds”

Is this right: K-The-I??? is going instrumental? The I = instrumental? What?

Well, for his new album he is, one that he’s calling Synesthesia (Fake Four), and one that is said to be a “new direction” for him. Not sure if it will remain a permanent path or merely one destination of many for this gifted artist. It may make people go “wait, this guy is an incredible rapper, so why in the hell is he dropping what has made him?” I don’t think he’s doing that completely (at least not yet), but why not add to his ammo? You can take a listen to what will be coming up by clicking the player below to hear “Moon Walking On Lenticular Clouds”.
K-The-I??? “Moon Walking On Lenticular Clouds” by Fake Four, Inc.

AUDIO: Kaigen21Meiso’s “Root Is The New Leaf”

When you have K-The-I??? involved, it has to be good, and here is a track he produced for the project known as Kaigen21Meiso, an album called Root Is The New Leaf, released a few weeks ago. Kaigen21Meiso – Root Is The New Leaf (prod. by K-The-I???) by Kaigen