AUDIO: Kaigen21Meiso’s “Root Is The New Leaf”

When you have K-The-I??? involved, it has to be good, and here is a track he produced for the project known as Kaigen21Meiso, an album called Root Is The New Leaf, released a few weeks ago. Kaigen21Meiso – Root Is The New Leaf (prod. by K-The-I???) by Kaigen

VIDEO: Kaigen’s “Spear & Shield”

I’m loving this. This is Kaigen, who had Thavius Beck do a track for him. The end result is “Spear & Shield”, which is incredible. If Kaigen sounds (or looks) familiar to you, you may remember him from his work with Curse Ov Dialect. Kaigen has been popping up in a number of places this year, you may have heard his collaboration with Sole.

Kaigen is hard at work on his new album, due out sometime in 2011.