VIDEO: Headnodic’s “Zaya”

1) I didn’t know Headnodic made a new video.
2) I didn’t know Headnodic released an EP.

“Zaya” is a video made in support of his new (and free) EP called simply Zaya Remix EP, which you can download by clicking here (91.6 mb). The track features KatO1O along with vocalists Karyn Paige and Destani Wolf.

The more you know.

VIDEO: Karyn Paige’s “You Know I’ll Always Love You”

The first time I heard this song, I knew it was the joint and now I’m glad Karyn Paige has decided to make a video for it. It’s for “You Know I’ll Always Love You” (the audio of which was posted on my site over here), and the video is a cute one but definitely merits a viewing or 12. The video was put together by Chromosome 16 Productions, directed by Michelle Fatale and Justin Berger.

VIDEO/FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Latryx’s “Call To Arms”

It may be Lei Day on this May Day, but in other parts of the United States and the world, there have been a few protests of interest, specifically from the Occupy movement. Arrests have been made in Seattle, Portland (Oregon) and other cities, but they’re not giving up. Perhaps it’s appropriate that Latryx have dropped a video for the Headnodic-produced track, “Call To Arms”, on this day. You can download the single for free directly from (32mb), and in case you’re wondering “wait, how come a single is 32mb?” it’s because the file is a zip (tested) that contains the following mixes of the song:
1) Album Version
2) Clean Version
3) Instrumental
4) A Capella

Get at/to it.

AUDIO: Karyn Paige’s “You Know I’ll Always Love You”

When Karyn Paige releases new music, it means “time to listen”, and the one thing I like about her is that it sounds like someone who sings like a woman because she is one. She can create cool tracks to dance to, or something that may remind people about spring love, and her new song is very much along those lines.


“You Know I’ll Always Love You” will be on her forthcoming album, and this track was co-produced by her along with Joe Bagale and Matt Berkeley, and with what I’ve heard from her so far, Paige definitely has something going for her, proving to some that she’s far from wanting to limit herself. You can purchase the song via iTunes (click here), while her EP is still available, which you may also purchase with the Amazon link below.

VIDEO: Karyn Paige’s “Want To”

The first time I had heard this song, I thought “yes, now I’d like to hear more from her”. Karyn Paige is her name and now you can now “see” a bit more in the form of a video directed by Justin Berger called “Want To”. I’m hoping this and future songs will push her towards making more, so here’s to more.

SOME STUFFS: Karyn Paige to premiere music video next month in Berkeley

Who will be the hot talent to shine in 2011? There’s a lot of people competing for attention, but only a few have decent voices. Given some winnings, I’m giving Karyn Paige a shot.

She has been working with Justin Berger of HKL Films to create her first music video, for the song “Want To”, taken from The KP EP. You’ll be able to see it online very soon, but you can see it on a bigger screen, as intended, by heading to the Beta Lounge in Berkeley, California on February 12, 2011. The video premiere party will also have her performing, and in between special guests you’ll have sets from DJ Qillie the Soulman. On top of that, it’s free so head to the Beta Lounge, buy some drinks, tip well, and let Miss Paige know how you feel about her music.

SOME STUFFS: Introducing Karyn Paige

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Karyn Paige may not be a household name yet, but in the words of Jimi Hendrix, “but you will, heh heh”. Paige is a Bay Area vocalist who is looking forward to making the 10’s her decade, and she’s about to spark the movement with the release of her debut single “Want To”, which she is releasing for free on her website at Paige says she wants the world to dance to her music, just as she did with some of her influences, including Prince and Michael Jackson. As she makes moves to the ears and hearts of fans, she has already performed with Lyrics Born, Chali2na, and even Stevie Wonder, which is good company to be with.

Forthcoming projects from her include the digital-only The KP EP, and the full-length Hola Mademoiselle, due out this fall, said to feature a diverse bland of pop, R&B, new wave, soul, and funk. New wave used to be “white people music”, but as many discover and rediscover what Prince did with it in the late 70’s and early 80’s, it’s allowing people to take it and twist it into their own worlds, just as Paige is doing.

Again, “Want To” will be released tomorrow as a free download at, so head there and spread the word.