REVIEW: HLI’s “Omniglyph (EP + Remixes)”

HLI photo HLI_cover_zps022b930d.jpg There is no shortage of adventurous hip-hop out there, but one man’s adventure may be another man’s “what the hell is this shit?” Fortunately, this is not shit, but rather a UK duo (Sensei C and Elai Immortal) named HLI who create hip-hop in their own way and get a chance to show it off on their new release, Omniglyph.

Omniglyph is a brand new EP that also features remixes of songs from it. For anyone who would like to hear the good side of futuristic hip-hop, you’ll want to listen songs like “Opus Day” (which brings in Juice Aleem & Justice Hotep), “Slay Humbaba” (featuring Bless de LosAngeles), and “Don’t Panic”. A remix of “Opus Day” also has Mike Ladd and Infesticon XX’s making their presence known, and there’s not one track on here that slows down in power.

In truth, futuristic hip-hop is very much a response to today’s hip-hop and a need to break out its self-made barriers in order to be heard and be free. Omniglyph is the sound of freedom, and what a sound to be caught in.