RECORD CRACK: Guitarist Kawabata Makoto returns with new album

Mainliner photo Mainliner_old_zps2af7b033.jpg
If you know of the name Kawabata Makoto, then you are familiar with the Japanese band, Acid Mothers Temple. Or you may be a fan of the many other bands he has been in or participated with, including Mainliner, whose debut album was released in 1996. Their last project as a band was in 2001, and fans have wondered about their return. Guitarist Makoto, along with Kawabe Taigen (bass/vocals), and Shimura Koji (drums), have emerged with a brand new album called Revelation Space (Riot Season), and you’ll be happy to know that along with it coming out on CD and cassette, there will be pressings of it on both gold vinyl and white vinyl, all of which can be pre-ordered from Riot Season’s Big Cartel page.

The album consists of five songs, here is the track listing:
Side 1
Revelation Space (11:31)
Taitan (5:27)
D.D.D. (2:05)

Side 2
New Sun (20:29)

The CD and cassette versions will have the luxury of having a bonus track, “The Dispossessed”.

What you’re about to listen to below is an excerpt from the opening track, the title track. If this music is as mindblowing as it is in the 5 1/2 minute length, I can only imagine what the second half sounds like.

The original plan for Kawabata Makoto’s Mainliner was to have released this album on April 20th for Record Store Day, but there were a few snags in that plan so the band and Riot Season decided to release it on May 13th.

REVIEW: Melvins’ “Chicken Switch”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Me and Melvins go way back. I have been a fan of the Melvins kids for about 23 years, there was a time when I pretty much bought everything they would release. I have not been as savvy although I would like to me, but I always make sure to buy their new albums. Sadly, m Melvins vinyl collection is behind, so I don’t have their recent albums in the preferred format, but one day when I win the Lotto, SHIT YEAH, MELVINS VINYL FOR DAYS. I would like to play congas for Melvins, but that’s another topic, another time.

Chicken Switch (Ipecac) is supposed to be a Melvins remix album, but here’s the catch. The contributors were not given any element of the source material, so they had to create whatever they felt like, in whatever way they felt comfortable with. It sounds odd, but when have Melvins ever done anything normally? Some of it may remind fans of the Snivlem album, Prick, especially the “Emperor Twaddle Remix” by Christoph Heemann, which in its second half is nothing but a three second applause loop with various other live concert elements thrown in. Someone dropping a microphone? That’s added into the mix. It’s almost like Jan Jelinek on meth jelly beans. In V/Vm‘s “She Chokes Her Dying Breath & Does It In My Face”, it’s nothing more than drumstick clicks and a droning guitar, which comes off like lighting a candle on both ends, and throwing it in a barn. Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth creates an “Eggnog Medley” that perhaps not surpisingly souynds nothing like anything on Eggnog or a proper medley. I’d like to see this played full blast in a school zone. The biggest surprise may be what Merzbow did in “Snow Rem Rem Ibvz”, which managed to include a hit making beverage that was splattered to create splatteria.

Is it a Melvins album? Yes. Is it not a Melvins album? Yes. Is it a Melvins remix album? Yes/no . Is it a Melvins tribute album? Yes/no. Is it filled with sound? Yes. Is it filled with silence? Yes. You know, after hearing this, I wish I could have contributed to this. Maybe I should make my own Melvins “remix”. Maybe I will/will not. Chicken Switch is an odd chicken glitch,and most of us can’t pass the bitch/and those rotten ass motherfuckers know this. Thanks Geto Boys.

Is this a Melvins album review? Yes/no. Is it a Melvins tribute review? Yes/no. Will you be molested in the air by volume? Circle your answer.