VIDEO: Kelela’s “Rewind”

Two weeks ago, I posted a track from Kelela’s forthcoming EP called Hallucinogen (Cherry Coffee/Warp) and this week, she shows you the visual equivalent of it. "Rewind" was comfortably made with director Eric K. Yue. The EP will be released on October 9th and can be pre-ordered via Amazon.

SOME STUFFS: Kelela’s debut album gets a deluxe treatment

The massive sales of Kelela’s 2014 album Cut 4 Me is leading to everyone involved coming out with a deluxe edition of
this recording. The Fade To Mind recording will have the original album plus nine remixes. The press release states that it’s a “triple gatefold vinyl” so does that mean it’s a double record with a triple gatefold cover, or does a triple gatefold guarantee that three records are going to be in there? I continue reading the press release and it has the phrase “triple LP” so vinyl junkies will be able to have Cut 4 Me as a three record set, while the CD version will be a double. This will be making its way into the streets and online merchants on April 6th. Until then, have a listen to one of the remixes that’ll be on it, the Kingdom’s Destruction Before Paradise Mix of “Enemy”.

SOME STUFFS: Kelela shares new song and concert dates

Photo by Nate Walton
 photo Kelela_old_zps626e8b3f.jpg
Gifted & Blessed is not a duo, but the name could apply to one. It is instead the producer of the new song by the artist whom I felt created the best song and music video of 2013, Kelela. Her track with Kingdom, “Bankhead”, was hard to beat and her street album was very impressive too. It’s a new year of course, and with it comes new music that will hopefully mean a new project is just around the corner for her.

On top of a new song, she has announced a few concerts coming up, which includes a stop at this year’s SXSW next month. Venues for the SXSW to be announced very soon:

March 12-14… Austin, TX (SXSW Shows)
April 2… Los Angeles (The Echo)
April 3… Brooklyn, NY (Rough Trade NYC) presents: Best Songs Of 2013

When it comes to favorite songs, I don’t look for something that is hit-savvy. I just want a song that moves me. It can move me as if it is a single, or have it be a deep cut on an album, EP, or some mix someone made and I want to focus on just that segment. It doesn’t matter what genre these songs are because again, all music moves me. Even if it’s something I don’t like, it moved me to hate. These two songs I do not hate at all and for some reason, the moment I first heard them, I knew they would become my picks for favorite songs of the year. Out of the hundreds… no, out of the thousands of different songs I heard, these two reigned supreme like an episode of the original Iron Chef and 2013 would have suffered just a small bit without them. In no particular order:

Spree Wilson featuring GoDreamer’s “All I Need

Kingdom featuring Kelela’s “Bank Head
 photo Kingdom_cover_zps8a29940b.jpg

REVIEW: Kelela’s “CUT 4 ME”

 photo Kelela_cover_zps9fc11672.jpg People should move back when they see Kelela walking by, for this is someone who is about to take microphones away from singers who are unable to share the type of emotion she is able to create. CUT 4 ME could easily be a proper album but she is calling this a mix tape, or street album. I became aware of her through her great song with Kingdom called “Bank Head” and now the more I hear it, the more I leave Kingdom out of the equation and push Kelela in the forefront, even though I know he is hugely responsible for the creation of the song. On this album, she gets a chance to explore different vocal styles and textures, so it doesn’t stay in the same style and/or genre. What I like is how she arranges her vocals and harmonies, this is someone who understands the full range of her voice and understands what it means to push the dynamics of what she sings. What also works for me too is that she isn’t afraid to show/share her human side. I know, to be human is such a refreshing change from the singers who do nothing but be materialistic on a regular basis, but going back to “Bank Head”, she begins the song by singing “I’m kicking an old bad habit”. It’s someone admitting to a perceived fault, but she hopes her faults and imperfections will be of interest to someone else. I would prefer to hear that over a song that is just about dancing or partying, I want something from the soul. These songs could easily dominate the charts if the music industry was very different, but I hope as she continues to make music, she will push the limits of her talents in the years to come. This has become one of my favorite albums of the year.

(CUT 4 ME is available as a free download, click to to find out how.)

FREE MP3 DL: Kelela’s “CUT 4 ME”

The day has arrived for the release of Kelela’s street album. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome yourself to CUT 4 ME.

13 new songs are on this release, a small handful of which have been posted here in the last few weeks, and now you can hear a full presentation right now. You’ll have to head to in order to download it, but you do that, add in your e-mail address and boom, a link will be made available for you.