VIDEO: Zo! featuring Eric Roberson & Phonte’s “We Are On The Move”

When Zo! released his ManMade album (my review of which can be read by clicking here, “We Are On The Move” was probably my favorite song on there. For the video, it is a flashback to the days when a group could take a stroll by looking your Sunday best. The video is even done in the same ratio as American videos in the 1980’s, thanks to director Kenneth Price. All that’s missing is a commercial for Down Home Blues and Madelyne Woods.

VIDEO: Phonte featuring Carlitta Durand’s “Gonna Be A Beautiful Night”

Looking at this video, I was going to say “fall is the season of love” but really, what season isn’t perfect for love? Love is an all around thing, this is why people who live in tropical climates are making babies all the time. You know what I’m talking about, my fellow Polynesians.

Let’s not talk about that until after you see and hear this new video by Phonte Coleman, doing his thing with help from Carlitta Durand. The track is from his Charity Starts At Home video. As for the couple in the video? That would be Rachel Stewart and Chris Charles. Are you like Karyn White, in that you want to light a candle because it’s time to get romantic? Good, because Phonte is telling you right here, in this video directed by Kenneth Price, that it’s gonna be a beautiful night.

VIDEO: Rapsody featuring Nomsa Mazwai’s “Kind Of Love”

Brand new video from an MC you might have heard about, perhaps on the radio, a mixtape or two, or maybe in the social media circuit but if you have not heard Rapsody rap yet, begin here. She is on 9th Wonder’s label Jamla, and while many have wanted to like her simply because of the 9th connections, she is very much someone who represents, on her own, the good hip-hop. When you are working with a producer who knows and understands that “good hip-hop”, it’s a perfect union. She is united here with Nomsa Mazwai in a powerful song, complimented in video form by the very-busy-as-of-late Kenneth Price. It’s also more than just music. As Rapsody, it also represents home, which is North Carolina. To paraphrase, Method Man, no need to fuck around when you got that good shit at home, but Rapsody is ready for your ears and mind, no matter the locale you call home.

The song is from her album The Idea Of Beautiful, which was released today.

VIDEO: Phonte’s “Dance In The Reign”

PHONTE – Dance In The Reign (Official Music Video directed by Kenneth Price) from The Foreign Exchange on Vimeo.

Phonte Coleman is one of the more gifted artists out there, and of any generation, but I feel that people will not appreciate him as fully as they should until after the fact. His singing is the type of singing I enjoy, and when he drops rhymes, there’s that humor and honesty that to me always made the best comedians. He may not be a “comedian” by title, but Phonte is comedic when need be, and incredibly serious and passionate when it comes to, as he says in the song, making music not just for hip-hop, but because he has to pay his mortgage and bills.

This is a new video from his Charity Starts At Home album, directed by Kenneth Price, and the video is a slight throwback to 90’s hip-hop videos when all you needed was attitude, a tight song and a way to turn your video from color to black & white while eliminating any levels of red, and of course grit. It’s a “future classic”.