BANDCAMP SUGGESTIONS: Kick Coltrane’s “Fairwell (Love Song)”

 photo KickColtrane_cover2_zps177b2080.jpg Kick Coltrane has returned with a new one, this one starting off strong and bold before exploring the groove in a beautiful way with a love song called “Fairwell”.

This is an instrumental works as is, but I found myself imagining someone singing over it, or dropping a tight rap about half way through.

The textures are brilliant as well.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Kick Coltrane’s “Space Race”

Kick Coltrane
The Freedom Hall collective have been quite busy this week, and this song is proof of this. It comes in the form of “Space Race” by Kick Coltrane. The track sounds a bit like some progressive synth jazz on the soulful side of things, where things may sound out of place at first but you realize how well organized every element is towards creating this track, which will appear on a forthcoming project of his called Extra-Tellectual

SOME STUFFS: FreedomHall release two brand new projects

The FreedomHall collective have become more active in the last few months, and if you haven’t paid attention to them or as to why this activity exists, it’s still a good time to discover why. You can begin here with two new tracks from the collective.

Spudd Brown and Scumbagsini have put together a track that sounds like mindbending soul, taken to outer space with a prompt from Andre 3000 or Bilal coordinates, but maintained by the seductive vocals of Passion Ward. It’s out of this world, it’s a trip, it’ll make you go “can soul music sound this trippy yet still sound so down to Earth?” That’s the art of music from the soul.

Jessica Stackpoole is described as “a singer, Songwriter, Poet, Painter & adventure seeker”, and in “Real Poetry” she may remind some of Ambersunshower’s time with Groove Garden and the songs “You’re Not Coming Home” and “Lovers In The Daze”, where it’s vocalized spoken word mixture. Add this with a trumpet solo from James De Luca and one can imagine themselves walking into a park and somehow finding themselves in a large metropolis while breathing in the good elements as they ignore everything that’s bad. It also has a nice “Sunflower” T. Blue vibe a la Erykah Badu, but placed into a new filter to go somewhere else.

Both are available as a free download.