SOME STUFFS: Kim Thompson ready to break out on her own

Kim Thompson may not be a familiar name yet, but if you’ve seen Beyonce live in the last few years, then you have definitely seen, or at least, heard Thompson. She was chosen to be Beyonce’s drummer in the all-woman band she toured with, but now it’s time for Thompson to make a name for herself.

She will be having an album release party for her album Like Clockwork on Thursday, February 10th in New York City at the Marquee Nightclub (289 10th Avenue, between 26th & 27th Streets), although elements of the album have been available on Bandcamp since last September. This release party is a chance to push the album in a big way.

The album is also being put together by Tom Tom, a magazine made for and about female drummers, and Thompson is to be featured on the cover of their brand new fifth issue. The party thus serves a dual purpose: a release party for both Thompson’s album and a release party for Tom Tom issue #5. For more information on the party, click here.

You can hear excerpts of the new album by clicking the player below.

For a visual taste, watch these videos, one of many you can find on her YouTube page.