presents: Best Songs Of 2013

When it comes to favorite songs, I don’t look for something that is hit-savvy. I just want a song that moves me. It can move me as if it is a single, or have it be a deep cut on an album, EP, or some mix someone made and I want to focus on just that segment. It doesn’t matter what genre these songs are because again, all music moves me. Even if it’s something I don’t like, it moved me to hate. These two songs I do not hate at all and for some reason, the moment I first heard them, I knew they would become my picks for favorite songs of the year. Out of the hundreds… no, out of the thousands of different songs I heard, these two reigned supreme like an episode of the original Iron Chef and 2013 would have suffered just a small bit without them. In no particular order:

Spree Wilson featuring GoDreamer’s “All I Need

Kingdom featuring Kelela’s “Bank Head
 photo Kingdom_cover_zps8a29940b.jpg

AUDIO: Mapei’s “Don’t Wait (Kingdom Remix)”

Last month I posted a song by a new artist named Mapei. The track was called “Don’t Wait”, and little was given about her. A month later, I’m unable to add any more information about her background, but I’m able to tell you that producer Kingdom (known for doing “Bankhead” with Kelela) has created a remix of the song, taking it to another level and adding it to his level of expertise. You may have a listen to it.

SOME STUFFS: Kelela to release a street album of her own

 photo Kelela_old_zpsb2247e2a.jpg
The woman who was partly responsible for one of my favorite songs of 2013 is about to drop a street album. Kelela is the voice in Kingdom’s “Bank Head”, and now she will have what is hopefully a pre-cursor to a full and proper project. The album is called CUT 4 ME, 13 songs produced by the likes of Nguzunguzu, Morri$, Girl Unit, Jam City, Bok Bok, Napolian, Tariq & Garfield, along with Kingdom, who is not only represented with an extended mix of “Bank Head” but also has a new cut, “Send Me Out”. Here is the official cover art for CUT 4 ME.
 photo Kelela_cover_zps961687d7.jpg

For those who like “Bank Head” and are wondering about her roots, Kelela Mizanekristos is originally from the D.C. area but is currently living in Los Angeles. I once compared her voice to that of Amel Larrieux, but I would definitely add Clara Hill to that list too, not bad for someone who said she wasn’t vocally trained. CUT 4 ME will be released by Fade To Mind on October 1st.

VIDEO: Kingdom featuring Kelela’s “Bank Head”

Kingdom‘s Vertical XL on Fade To Mind is a 7-song blast of power and sound, and a video has been made for the opening song, “Bank Head”. Will you bounce while listening to it? With Bank Head in the title, I would hope it would, but see/hear for yourself.

With his fifth EP out and about since May, Kingdom will be doing a small handful of shows, including a few dates in Asia in late October/early November.

September 28 – Darlington, MD (Basecamp)
October 5 – Los Angeles, CA (Eagle Rock Music Festival) $
October 25 – Seoul, Korea (Cakeshop)
October 26 – Tokyo, Japan (GR8 Party @ Le Baron)
November 1 – Beijing, China (Dada Bar)
November 2 – Shanghai, China (The Shelter)

$ w/ Nguzunguzu

AUDIO: Kingdom featuring Kelela’s “Bank Head”

Kingdom photo Kingdom_old_zpsfd51a266.jpg
If this is meant to be “the new vision of R&B”, then Kingdom is very much doing it right. Kingdom is about to release his fifth EP called Vertical XL on the Fade To Mind label, and “Bank Head” features vocalist Kelela, who may remind people of Janet Jackson, Aaliyah, Ciara, or Amel Larrieux, but perhaps going on the next level of things by 1-upping them all. It seems producer Ezra Rubin understands what it means to create a kingdom, thus his working moniker, and if this song doesn’t become one of the summer jams of 2013, there is no justice in this world.

RECORD CRACK: Kingdom’s “Mindreader” released as 10 inch single

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Kingdom has turned Shyvonne‘s “Mindreader” inside out and has turned it into a wicked club track. The song, b/w “You” is being released as a 10″ single by Acephale Records, and it sounds like it will seriously turn some heads no matter where you play it.

You can order your copy here. Only 500 copies will be made, so snatch doubles while you can.