VIDEO: Klassik’s “Hi Klass”

Hi Klass (Official Video) from Klass Act Production LLC on Vimeo.

Klassik’s new release is called Seasons and if you have it and found a liking to it, you may find this new video to be a treat. It’s the second single from it and it’s called “Hi Klass”, which could be read as something/someone who is “high class” or merely someone saying “hello, Klass”. Of course, if you don’t know which is the correct answer, go ahead and press play on the video. It will do you no harm.

FREE DL: Klassik’s “Winter” (EP)” seamless>WINTER EP by Klassik
Winter is the season all of us in the northern hemisphere are dealing with, but it’s also the name of Klassik’s brand new 3-song EP, the first of four EP’s to be released as part of his Seasons series. The Milwaukee, Wisconsin producer is ready to take over his city, his state, the country, and if it can lead to much more, the world. He’ll take it in stride though.

VIDEO: Klassik’s “Light”

Klassik not only had a video made for his song “Light”, but he directed it himself. The song is taken from his 2013 album YRP (Young Rising Phenoms), which you may stream and listen or download below via Bandcamp.

AUDIO: SAFS Crew’s “S.C.R.E.A.M.” (mixtape)

SAFS Crew are out with a brand new street album called S.C.R.E.A.M., which stands for “SAFS Crew Rules Everything Around Me”. True to its title, the album is a tribute to the Wu-Tang Clan, as honored by Scolly Onasis, GREAT, Blizz McFly, Mammyth, Klassik, Crux Holmes, Sunny Daze, Deb.on.air, AG The Ruler, RTystic, Cornell Nickz, BlanQ, Dukalion, and Van White. Hear the results above.

SOME STUFFS: Klassik offers two songs to download

 photo Klassik_covers_zps76df90e9.jpg
Klassik hasn’t stopped making music in 2013, and he is definitely not going to stop when the new year arrives. In fact, he has two brand new songs for you to not only listen to, but download so you can take it on your mobile journeys. They are for the songs “Overload” and “Light”. I’m not sure if I like the graphic for “Overload” as the lettering looks like blood and when it’s placed over a photo of an infant, it can have a bad connotation if you allow it to. Since the song isn’t as bright as a baby’s smile, you might find the graphic to be perfect. However, both songs are what some would call “bangin'”.

VIDEO/FREE DL: Klassik’s “Boogie”

Klassik “Boogie” Music Video from DADO on Vimeo.

When it comes down to it, sometimes you just have to blame it on the boogie and Klassik knows exactly what this is about. If you like this song, you do have to blame it on a boogie concept or two so point the finger and make a good accusation tonight.

VIDEO/FREE DL: B-Free featuring Klassik’s “9 To 5 Remix”

B-Free – 9 To 5 Remix Featuring Klassik from JLeslieMonique on Vimeo.

The new video by B-Free was directed by Jessica Estelle Huggins, and not only that, it’s a new version of the song, a remix featuring rapper Klassik adding a bit more 2 cents to an already damn good song. If you like the union between the two and want to take the song with you, you can with the Bandcamp player below.