photo Swaggt_cover_zpsd36f29d3.jpg Wouldn’t you love to be able to get your favorite albums or singles, slice it and place it between two slices of bread, maybe even a bagel or a sweet bread roll? The guys in SwAGG!T did, and while it’s impossible to slice sound, you can make a metaphorical crafty sandwich if you wish, which is what they’ve done for their album Food For You, featuring productions from folks like Knxwledge, Herring Franky, SoulShoes Beats,
BuddahSPK, and even Madlib. 12 tracks of good sounds served up Maryland style but with a bit of Tennessee essence, showing hints of the Native Tongue with the spontaneity of Outkast. Like how that sounds? Wait until you actually hear it. You might want to add gravy to it.

FREE MP3 DL: Hus Kingpin featuring Rozewood’s “Pyramid Points”

 photo HusKingpinRD_cover_zps17ebea41.jpg
Hus Kingpin will be releasing a potential championship-winning street album he is calling ichard Dumas: The Mixtape and from it comes “Pyramid Points”, produced by Knxwledge and featuring Rozewood. The album will be made available for free on December 3rd but you can have this track for free too, while supplies last.

AUDIO: Quelle Chris’ “Super Fuck”

 photo QuelleChris_cover_zps77080aae.jpg
Quelle Chris did most of the things in this song: he’s the producer, he wrote it, and he is the artist. Someone who is that confident about his own works and how to execute it is okay by me, and from his forthcoming album Ghost At The Finish Line (Mello Music Group) is a little ditty he calls “Super Fuck”. It’s just one of the things you’ll find on this project. Other things involve humans, with names like The Alchemist, House Shoes, Black Milk, Guilty Simpson, and Fuzz Scoota. The accumulation of these things will be heard on October 29th.

BANDCAMP SUGGESTIONS: Knxwledge’s “UndrTheWeathr​.EP”

Photobucket This was discovered when I was doing some random searching for something interesting on Bandcamp via Twitter. I found a Tweet from someone named @fvkblood which simply said “And if you don’t knx, now you knx.” There was a video and a Bandcamp link, but I didn’t even bother with the video. I was on a mission and wanted the music.

The video was for a song Knxwledge released earlier in the year, so instead of listening to that, I went directly to the top for his latest project. UndrTheWeathr​.EP was created apparently when he was indeed under the weather, and I will say this: if people need to be ill (as in sick) in order to create the kind of music I’m hearing on this 3-song EP, I say leave your windows open this winter and catch a flu.

If you do a casual search for him on Bandcamp, you might find it somewhat difficult if you don’t search for his name. His tags do not list a location, it almost comes off as if he’s speaking in code, or perhaps he’s using his music to do his talking. I like how he speaks, and I hope he communicates with us many times more in 2012.

For a dialogue and unspoken glossary, check out his official Bandcamp page.