VIDEO: Kosha Dillz featuring Meir Kay’s “I Love Monday”

It was Bob Geldof and the rest of the Boomdown Rats who told everyone they didn’t like Mondays while Prince said the day could be a manic one. Kosha Dillz says no, there’s a lot to enjoy about the first work day of the week and says so in “I Love Monday”, a track he not only did with Mier Kay but Kay also helped direct the clip.

COVERED: The Velvet Underground & Nico vs. Kosha Dillz

COVERED: VU vs. Kosha Dillz photo COVERED_VUKosha_zpshomztauh.jpg
We all know about the 1967 album by Velvet Underground, we all know about Nico, some of us may hum “Femme Fatale” or “Venus In Furs” on a regular basis. We know about the album cover Andy Warhol put together, we know what happens when we peel the banana if the cover has the sticker.

What you don’t know about is the new album from rapper Kosha Dillz. I’ve been eyeing this album cover for a few months, knowing the influence and waiting for the right time to post it, meaning “when the album is released. I’ll create a Covered page for it.” It is time. Kosha’s new album is called What I Do All Day & Pickle, a play in words in every sense and is the music as clever? If you know about Kosha Dillz, it has to be so get the album and listen while you chilsnoi on the dillznoi.

VIDEO: Kosha Dillz’s “Half A World Away”

Summer’s (almost) here and the time is right for… what? That light has been used and manipulated many times in the last 50 years but if you’re capable of traveling, do so. Get out of your normalcy and find yourself somewhere else, different from the norm, and that is exactly what Kosha Dillz does on a regular basis as an artist. Of course, going elsewhere has to do with ones personal task, something that isn’t occupational but he gets into it and more with his new one for “Half A World Away”, which was shot in Paris and the Netherlands. This will be on his brand new album due out this summer called What I Do All Day And Pickle, where he takes a famous Andy Warhol album cover and brings it into his world 49 years later. This is about the now, have a pickle.

AUDIO: Kosha Dillz featuring Nina Dioz’s “Hola Chaverim Shalom Amigos”

New one from the one and only Kosha Dillz is called “Hola Chaverim Shalom Amigos” and this one was nicely produced by Curtiss King so you know it has to be blazing in its own way. The song brings in Nina Dioz in assistance and shows the wonderfulness of hip-hop in 2016, when the proper chemistry is able to do wonders.

AUDIO: Kosha Dillz featuring Kyle Rapps’ “Chump Change”

A brand new track about Kosha Dillz is of interest for a few reasons. 1) It is produced by J57 of the Brown Bag All-Stars so by default, you know it has to be damn good without ever listening so just run off, do something else with your own life. Want to know if my words are true? Press play.

2) The song brings in Kyle Rapps for raps so boom, you know it? Need more proof? Press play.

New music from each of them will be on their way.

VIDEO: Kosha Dillz featuring MURS’ “We Are Different”

We’re not even at the end of the second month of 2016 but we got a video that will definitely be talked about by the end of the year, this one done by the main man Kosha Dillz. For “We Are Different”, it’s a collaboration with MURS so you know it has to be good. Nah, it is good so please have a look and listen at this clip directed by Diwon. It is taken from Kosha’s album Awkward In A Good Way (my review of which can be read by clicking here.)

AUDIO: Kosha Dillz’s “The 8 Minute Hannukah Mixtape”

For those who celebrate and honor Hannukah, Kosha Dillz has made a mix tape that is perfect for you and anyone who likes good hip-hop and good music in general. The title is simply called The 8 Minute Hannukah Mixtape, in honor of the eight days of Hannukah and he put this together with producer Diwon to make this a good holiday (or what he calls a hollidillz) season listen and in truth, any time of the year.

FREE MP3 DL: Kosha Dillz’s “James Franco’s Bar Mitzvah”

It’s that time of the year to be festive but of course, you can be festive during any time of the year, which is what Kosha Dillz did when he got involved with “James Franco’s Bar Mitzvah” and you might be saying “now wait a minute.” No, you don’t have to wait youy can listen to it or download this beast, while supplies last. The song was produced by Diwon, so you know it’s cooked up nicely.

VIDEO: Kosha Dillz’s “Span Hebrish”

Kosha Dillz worked with director Edward Jansen to create his new video for “Span Hebrish”. If you like the song, download it for free below via Soundcloud, while supplies last.

While you’re at it, Kosha is currently on tour, about to do a small handful of shows for the next few days so head there and have some fun. He’ll back back on the road this summer as part of the Vans Warped Tour.

April 17… Iowa City, IA (Blue Moose Tap Lodge) @
April 18… Omaha, NE (The Slowdown) @
April 19… Cardiff, CA (Shir Energy Music Fest) !
April 21… Leimert Park, LA (Bananas)

@ = w/ Lil Dicky
! = w/ Matisyahu