VIDEO: Kosha Dillz’s “Been Down”

Kosha Dillz got into hip-hop in that big time called the 1980’s, before Hammer got to touch it and now Kosha is doing things by not only getting to microphones and any means of recording, but taking it to the stage. For “Been Down”, he traveled to Amsterdam to express himself visually, while the song, in the form of a Haim Remix, was done by Sam Barsh.


AUDIO: Kosha Dillz featuring Ari Lesser’s “Tubeshvat Hop”

Kosla Dillz has done a new collaboration, this one with Ari Lesser and they unite in the hopes of everyone becoming aware of the greatness of the “Tubeshvat Hop”. I didn’t know what it referred to at first but now I’m down for the cause.

AUDIO: Diwon’s “Diwon’s Chanukah EP”

In the last week I’ve posted what I feel was a good share of Christmas related songs, but now I want to turn your scope towards Hanukkah. This is an EP by Diwon aptly titled Diwon’s Chanukah EP and it’s safe to say Hanukkah has never sounded as funky as this. Also helping out in these songs are Y-Love, Sarah Aroeste, Kosha Dillz, Cobe Jones, Yehuda Solomon, and Cobe. Listen, enjoy, and have a festive time.

VIDEO: Kosha Dillz’s “In Da Club”

You miss a good club jam, or have you asked yourself “how come all of the club jams out now sound like dookie?” When Kosha Dillz released his Awkward in a Good Way (my review of which can be read by clicking here, I really liked the song “in Da Club” because I felt I understood what he was doing. He has taken the song one step further by turning into a video with help from director Ed Jansen, and now more people can experience his club experience.

FREE MP3 DL: Kosha Dillz’s “60 Bands”

Unfortunately I was out of town when Kosha Dillz sent this song my way, so as it was meant to represent this year’s FYF Fest, we can now say the festival is over with. However, the song is very good, as it also mentions 60 of the artists who played this year. It was done with producer Friendships as a way for Kosha to prepare himself not for what happened this year, but what will happen next year, as he has planned himself to show up in 2015. If you want, head to the FYF Fest website and get ready for a show 363 or so days from now.

VIDEO: Kosha Dillz pops in to check out Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Kosha Dillz head to a Macklemore show and finds out if he could check him out backstage. Kosha Dillz may very well be Kosha, but Macklemore is no longer just that Ben Haggerty guy, but he went in and you can find out what happened. Also on the agenda: Kosha meeting up with Ryan Lewis and fortunately Kosha knew who Lewis was, since others didn’t in The Tonight Show segment from last week.

VIDEO: Kosha Dillz’s “What’s Going On Upstairs?”

Kosha Dillz is up to video number four for his album Awkward In A Good Way and six months after its release, the power of it is still going strong. The fourth video is called “What’s Going On Upstairs?”, which might sound slightly suggestive but you have to hear it to know what Kosha is talking about here. Video is directed by Matty Smooch. For a look at my review of Awkward In A Good Way, click here.

VIDEO: Kosha Dillz starts his own vlog

As his music and live shows continue to move at an easy pace, Kosha Dillz wanted to try something different by making a daily video blog, or vlog. He is doing one each day for 30 days and as I write this, he has done ten different ones, ranging from Thai restaurant adventures to L.A. Clippers issues, Colorado groupies to finding people at a marijuana rally. As you can tell, anything and everything can go. Click to Kosha Dillz’s YouTube page to find the videos, and begin with video #1 above. He has done this in the past, but he wants to do this more frequently so if you enjoy it, show some support by leaving him some positive feedback.