VIDEO: Kristofer Klarke’s “Sunshine”

After having their song circulate for a few weeks, Kristofer Klarke take it to the visuals for “Sunshine”, directed by someone known as “Sondvision Films 2014”. Kristofer Klarke is the duo of Kristofer Rojas (formerly Creed Chameleon) and Klarke Castellanos, and together they make the kind of music that will weep in anticipation and goodness, both of them rhyming in their own unique style but blending to be the kind of unison that makes you miss the good times. No need to miss it when it’s here.

What’s also here: the song as a free download via Bandcamp below.

FREE DL: Kristofer Klarke’s “Sunrise”

 photo KristoferKlarke_old_zpsedd2e5f4.jpg
Klarke Castellanos and Kristofer Rojas are Kristofer Klarke. You may recognize them and may have known them under previous monikers (Grip H. and Creed Chameleon respectively), but it’s “previous” for a reason, thus why they call themselves Kristofer Klarke. Produced by Supa Koopa, you can say “Sunrise” is about a new dawn for the both of them, so you’ll want to put on some sunglasses for the time being. For more about the duo, click to their official Facebook page.

FREE DL: Kristofer Rojas featuring JABAone’s “Blast”

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If you are in touch with the hip-hop scene in Honolulu and the rest of Oahu, you should be familiar with Creed Chameleon and the music he has released in the last decade. A few years ago he moved to Arizona, and in time he had chosen to say goodbye to Creed, at least the name. Today, he rhymes under his own name, Kristofer Rojas, and his music moves forward with the release of “Blast”, produced by Pauze and featuring JABAone in assistance. The song will also appear on the forthcoming RSI Got Aloha compilation to be released by RSI Records, a division of RisingSons Independent.