AUDIO: Semi Hendrix featuring Kurupt’s “M*A*S*H”

We’re only a week away before Mello Music Group releases the collaboration project Semi Hendrix, which brings together Jack Splash and Ras Kass. Breakfast At Banksy’s is headed your way on the 16th and this song welcomes Kurupt in front of the microphone, so welcome yourself to “M.A.S.H.” and it may very well be a graveyard smash. BTW: the sample in question is “Suicide Is Painless”, get into it.

VIDEO: DJ Dez & DJ Butter featuring Kurupt & Boldy James’ “Heavy Hittaz”

New sounds may lead to new and deeper mounds, and one of the people that will mound you is DJ Dez.

It could easily be DJ Butter.

Maybe this is why they decided to join together.

Together, they consider themselves “Heavy Hittaz” and to help them out, they got two rappers who are not light in any fashion: Boldy James and Kurupt. The song could be courageous but you’ll have to listen in order to approve of its solidness. The song is taken from Dez & Butter’s new album, A Piece Of The Action, so grab a piece and squeeze it tightly.

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Big John featuring Kurupt, Esoteric & Chino XL’s “Deadly, Deadly”

In the words of Rare Earth, Big John is my name, and playing music is indeed my favorite game. However, there’s also an MC in Tacoma, Washington who goes by the name Big John, and sharing his music for you is the game I’m playing here. The track here is from his forthcoming J.Rodgers album, and on top of that, this Esoteric-produced song features Kurupt and Chino XL helping Big John out. You can help him out even more by downloading the song and telling everyone about it.