RECORD CRACK: Fallen Empire Records to release vinyl for Kuxan Suum

New Jersey’s Kuxan Suum have been breaking out their brand of black and drone metal since 2008, releasing demos, single tracks, and split efforts. With the help of the Fallen Empire label, two of their songs will be released in album form. The self-titled album compiles remastered versions of the 17 minute “Kinich Ahau” and the 11 minute “Principle of Harmonic Resonance”, so even if you have these as MP3’s or from cassette, these mixes are an improvement over those.

Kuxan Suum add a lot of different textures into their music, going into a dirge that might remind some of Black Sabbath or Venom, but then getting into something that speed demos will love. You are able to stream both tracks below via Bandcamp before buying the LP. 500 copies, pressed on 180g vinyl, have been made, and that’s it. Head to the Fallen Empire store to make a purchase (European fans can go to Mordgrimm to order the vinyl.) For digital fiends, you can get the album with a pay-as-you-want price on Bandcamp.