AUDIO: Kosha Dillz featuring Kyle Rapps’ “Chump Change”

A brand new track about Kosha Dillz is of interest for a few reasons. 1) It is produced by J57 of the Brown Bag All-Stars so by default, you know it has to be damn good without ever listening so just run off, do something else with your own life. Want to know if my words are true? Press play.

2) The song brings in Kyle Rapps for raps so boom, you know it? Need more proof? Press play.

New music from each of them will be on their way.

VIDEO: Kyle Rapps & Hefna Gwap featuring Aaron Cohen’s “Searchin”

Kyle Rapps and Hefna Gwap merge for their European Tic Tacs projects and they’ve now made a video for one of its songs, which features Seattle’s own Aaron Cohen. The press release states “Searchin'” “borrows a slick sample of Roy Ayers’ hit of the same title, as originally featured on the ’71 release off his quinquennial LP, Ubiquity.” but in truth the sample is from the song “Searching” (not “Searchin'”) and “Searching” came from his 1976 album Vibrations, not the Ubiquity album (which came out in 1970) and I’m not sure what “quinquennial” refers to. However, hearing this “Searchin'” may make you forget the errors.

FREE DL: Kyle Rapps & Hefna Gwap’s “European Tic Tacs” (EP)
European Tic Tacs: what are they and how do they taste? In this case, it’s a new EP that has the length of an album by Kyle Rapps and Hefna Gwap released by Мишка and featuring people such as Aaron Cohen, Inner City Kiuds, and Vulkan THe Krusader, the latter also producing his collaboration with Kyle and Hefna.

FREE MP3 DL: Kyle Rapps featuring Adrienna Mack Davis’ “The Sky’s On Fire”

 photo KyleRapps_old_zpsc8aa50f2.jpg
Living in Harlem but originating from New Jersey, Kyle Rapps continues to show what it takes to be not only a rapper, but a skilled one. He worked with produced Belief on “The Sky’s On Fire” and welcomes in the vocals of Brooklyn’s own Adrienne Mack Davis, resulting in a song that is pleasing to the ear and thus the mind.

VIDEO: Kyle Rapps featuring MURS’ “Architecture”

Kyle Rapps created a video from an album that I felt was one of the best of 2013 (my review of SUB can be read by clicking here), and it’s for the song featuring the one and only MURS. “Architecture” is a track with structure and precision, and now it has your attention.

FREE DL: Diwon featuring Brody, Kyle Rapps, Y​-​Love & Nathan Sela’s “Good Life”

Diwon photo DiwonGL_cover_zpse2fc76da.jpg
New Game is Diwon’s latest album and if you haven’t heard about it, or haven’t heard a track but may have been tempted by a review or two, I have a possible solution that may move you to spend some dollars on it. He is allowing everyone to download the song “Good Life” for free. Need a bit more motivation? It’s the track featuring Nathan Sela, Y-Love, Kyle Rapps, and Brody, which means the song is festive and varied, and there should be something in there for everyone.

REVIEW: Kyle Rapps’ “SUB”

 photo KyleRapps13_cover_zps8637b77f.jpg There are very people in hip-hop today that I would say offer a challenging or daring listen, but Kyle Rapps is someone who offers both not as a means to be different, but simply because it feels real to do so. SUB carries its way because of the musical diversity found in each song’s world, whether it may be a deep disco groove, a traditional boom bap track, or something that may be as trippy as a Madlib or Outkast track, where you don’t know if you’re going to fall out of your seat but you’re going to listen because it sounds and feels good. The album carries it way due to how Kyle Rapps raps, where it’s not the same style going through its own variations in each passing song. He’ll get into chopping his vocal style up in a fast fashion, then carry himself like a stoner monarch, but then present himself as a dope lyricist with precise rhymes. Even with a new audio picture in each song, you get a nice full picture of what Kyle Rapps wants to do, and that is simply to flip things without standing in one corner to collect dust or moss. He is as good as the perceived pros, but still has the integrity of that guy down the way who has some studio equipment, a microphone, and knowledge of how to make things good with what he has.

REVIEW: Kyle Rapps & Diwon’s “Syndication”

Kyle Rapps and Diwon What Kyle Rapps & Diwon have done for their new free street album is take various samples of television shows, either the originals or cover versions, turn them inside out and make brand new tracks. Sometimes they have something to do with the show itself, other times it’s just about playing with the themes. Syndication is a fine project where the manipulation of themes is part of its appeal, which you can hear in “Mr. Rogers”, “Portlandia”, the funky “Addams Fam”, “Dexter”, and “Twilight Zone”. I really wished they would have done something pretty ruthless to the theme to Hawai’i Five-O but they had taken a more tropical cover of it and sampled that. Without the Five-O hook the song works great but in this form, it doesn’t go all the way. Then again, I’m bias.

The project as a whole works quite well, and if they return to it in the near future, I would not mind this at all.

(Syndication can be downloaded for free.)