SOME STUFFS: Kel puts together “The Sermon Mixtape”

Kil has put together a new mix tape in honor of the green eyed bandit known as Erick Sermon, and he’s calling this The Sermon Mixtape. Plain and simple, right? Maybe, but Sermon’s music is anything but simple and now you can hear his ways in this new musical puzzle, featuring a wide range of artists he has collaborated with over the years.

FREE MP3 DL: Nathaniel featuring L.L. Cool J’s “Love”

Nathaniel photo Nathaniel_cover_zps830515b1.jpg
Almost 30 years after the release of “I Need A Beat”, the demand for L.L. Cool J remains strong, and his work in a new track by R&B vocalist Nathaniel is quite strong too. I’ll be honest, when I saw the term “R&B crooner” I thought “oh no, is this going to be an Auto-Tune fest of crap?” and fortunately it’s not (or if it is there, it’s used mildly). Give me a singer who actually sings, not someone who has to rely on technology to make a point, but Nathaniel makes his point quite well in this track called “Love”. Have some love for it.