FREE MP3 DL: “An Adventure To Pepperland Through Rhyme & Space”

If you read the title and know what Pepperland refers to, then you know it most likely has to do with The Beatles, and it does. Now you look at the graphic and are saying “but wait, I see Ol’ Dirty Bastard here. What’s going on?” In this case, it’s a remix project where Beatles samples were used to create new instrumentals for hip-hop songs. Look at all of the people who are on it, it’s insane. Here’s the track listing:
Part 1
Hello Hello – Edan
Mr Mustard – Big Daddy Kane
Second To None – Rakim
Taxman – The Notorius B.I.G.
Gentle Thief – Nas
Where I’m From – Large Professor
Country Grammar – Talib Kweli & Bun B
Parlay – J-Live
Twist – Salt-N-Pepper
Birthday Dedication – Busta Rhymes
Open Mic Session pt. 1 – Masta Ace, Percee P, Lord Finesse, Frankie Cutlass, Easy Mo Bee & KRS-One
Number Nine – YZ
Self Titled – Heltah Skeltah
Bang Bang – MOP
Pepper – Kool G Rap
Bring Your Friends – Public Enemy
Interlude / Bridge – MC Shan
Last Forever – Artifacts
For The Children – Freddie Foxxx
Ringo’s Big Beat Theme – Spoonie Gee
Hold Poppa’s Large Hand – Ultramagnetic MC’s
Open Mic Session pt. 2 – Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane & Rakim
The End – Run DMC & Afrika Bambaataa
Circles – Wu-Tang Clan
Brooklyn Walrus – Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Buckshot , Masta Ace & Special Ed
Part 2
Secrets – Slick Rick
Beneath The Diamond Sky – The Genius/GZA
Within Tomorrow – Busta Rhymes
The Beginning – Sunz Of Man
Gentle Drama – The RZA & Rugged Monk
Becausizm – KRS-One & Channel Live
Mary Jane – Tha Alkaholiks
Bong Water – Viktor Vaughn
Hold On
Love In Summertime – Ghostface Killah & Beyonce
And I Lover Her Crazy – Jay-Z & Beyonce
Ruffneck Soldier – MC Lyte
Hey! – Beastie Boys
Get Back To The City – Large Professor
Hard To Leave Home – Nas
The Flyest – AZ
And Who? – Heiroglyphics
Lonely Thoughts – The Notorious B.I.G.
Can You Dig It? – Gravediggaz
How To Smile – 2Pac & Scarface
A Day In New York – AZ, Raekwon & Ghostface Killah

Stream it in full above or if you just want to download it and carry it with you on your travels, head to

AUDIO: Blu featuring DJ Revolution’s “Kiss the Sky (Large Professor Remix)”

When Large Professor remixes one of your songs, that is a huge honor. This is what happened when he did one for Blu’s “Kiss The Sky”, which also features DJ Revolution. This also means this is not a joke, this is real deal like a Lifers Group song. This will be released on a new comp for Blu called Remineded: A Collection Of Old & New Remixes, which is not only self-explanatory, but necessary.

SOME STUFFS: DJ Revolution to release “Unearthed” mix album via Coalmine

 photo DJRevolution_cover_zpsb6aa572b.jpg
DJ Revolution will be releasing a new mix album through Coalmine Records, this one called Unearthed and if the track listing is any indication… well, just look at what’ll be on there.

01: Unearthed (Intro)
02: Pharoahe Monch – Get Down (prod. by M-Phazes)
03: Bang This (Interlude)
04: One Dae – Bang This (prod. by Marco Polo)
05: Revolution’s House (Interlude)
06: Big Noyd, Large Professor, Kool G Rap – Naturally Born (prod. by Ayatollah)
07: Blu (feat. MeLa Machinko) – Kiss The Sky (prod. by M-Phazes)
08: Royce da 5’9″, Skillz & Diamond D – One For The Money (prod. by G-Squared)
09: El Da Sensei – Show Stoppa (prod. by DJ Devastate)
10: Apathy & Celph Titled – School for Scoundrels (prod. by Ayatollah)
11: Guilty Simpson & Small Professor (feat. DJ Revolution) – On The Run
12: Drop ‘Em (Intro)
13: The Rockness Monstah – Drop ‘Em (prod. by BeanOne)
14: Rah Digga (feat. Fashawn & REKS) – Never Back Down (prod. by M-Phazes)
15: Torae – Real Talk (prod. by Young Cee)
16: Guilty Simpson & Small Professor (feat. Boldy James & Statik Selektah) – I’m The City
17: The Artifacts – Easter (prod. by Khrysis)
18: Land of the Crooks (Interlude)
20: Sean Price, Billy Danze, Maffew Ragazino & DJ Babu – Land of the Crooks (prod. by M-Phazes)
21: Blu & Nottz (feat. Nitty Scott, MC) – Boyz II Men
21 Most Confident (Interlude)
22: Wildchild & MED – Most Confident (prod. by Create & Devastate)

There will also be bonus cuts on the “‘Untagged Deluxe Edition”:
• Royce da 5’9″, Skillz & Diamond D – One for the Money (Mananz Remix)
• Guilty Simpson & Small Professor – One the Run (Ran Reed Remix)
• Blu & Nottz – Boyz II Men (Diamond D Remix)

The CD will be released on May 13th and you may pre-order it here. Digital downloads will be available two weeks later.

SOME STUFFS: Golden era hip-hop show at the Roxy in L.A. tonight

 photo AdamXII_poster_zps6aa46853.jpg
Tonight in Los Angeles at around 8pm, things will be pumping at the Roxy with a very cool show being put together by Adam XII’s AFEX. Some of the people scheduled to perform tonight include Cypress Hill’s B-Real. Divine Styler, Justin Warfield, King Tee, Large Professor of Main Source, Ras Kass, Beat Junkies’ Mr. Choc, Volume 10 (yes, THAT Volume 10, AMG, and many more. It happens at The Roxy Theatre (9009 West Sunset Blvd.). Tickets can be pre-ordered by clicking the link at The show is 21 and over, no exceptions. Make sure to read all of the information before ordering a ticket, so you’re not stuck outside listening to wall reverb.

AUDIO: Big Noyd, Large Professor & Kool G. Rap’s “Naturally Born”

There’s an Ohio Players song called “Heaven Must Be Like This” that was recently used for the return of the McRib. I know, big whoop, right? Well, if the concept of heaven could be like anything, it should be like “Naturally Born”, which brings together Big Noyd, Large Professor, and Kool G. Rap for a joint unlike any other. Production was handled by Ayatollah on this one, so really, what’s preventing you from listening to this? You? Get to it now.

The song appears on the Coalmine Records compilation, Unearthed.

REVIEW: Large Professor’s “Professor @ Large”

Photobucket From now until the end of the world (five more months), there will always be the debate of what makes up “real hip-hop”. Forget that. The new album by Large Professor is just “that damn good hip-hop”. Professor @ Large (Fat Beats), to me at least, represents quality hip-hop as I like to hear it. Some will say “as it should be done”, but the music has always been diverse, moving in as many direction as it wants without anyone knowing. However, if you have admired Large Professor’s lyrics, rapping, and production style, this will definitely be of interest to you as it feels like this vibe has never stopped being an inspiration. Of an era, forever, never an error.

While the album does have a wide range of special guests, forget that. What I like about this is that Large Professor doesn’t write in one style. He doesn’t rhyme one way. He gets into his own grooves and shows the listener how to decorate the surroundings, because you’re in his home, where he is at his most comfortable. What you’ll hear are samples that aren’t afraid to make itself known, pulled from a wide range of semi-unknown sources. It’s music of a thrill seeker and a risk-taker, back when that was in abundance. There’s a wealth of rock samples in this, and the sample heads will go “oh damn, he made that song rock even harder than it originally was” or “holy crap, what in the hell was that?” Those who do the reserach will find all the source material on their own time, but it’s creating brand new music out of the obscure and forgotten, making it funky and extending its life like the deep music fan he is.

As for those cameos? Busta Rhymes, Cormega, Tragedy Khadafi, Action Bronson, Mic Geronimo, Grand Daddy IU, Roc Marciano… you want more names? Forget it, listen to the album yourself, find album info elsewhere. All of the guests come to Large Professor to honor one of hip-hop’s best, and what I like about Professor @ Large too is that while all of them are there to show and prove, it’s not an ego fest. The verse by Busta Rhymes is arguably one of his best in years. and there will be many who will say “how come Bussa Bus don’t keep on rapping like he did here?”

@ Large is what the Professor is, and as for being in charge? Everyone has a place and time, but then there’s those who create without a sense of time. Timeless? Era-less, never an error, forever.

VIDEO: Gensu Dean featuring Large Professor’s “Forever”

Lo-Fi Finghaz is the new album by Gensu Dean and if you haven’t picked it up, maybe this track and video with Large Professor will move you to do so.

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: The Funk League featuring Large Professor’s “Through Good And Bad”


Comprehend this one: The Funk League. They are from Paris, and the duo will be releasing an album in less than two weeks called Funky As Usual, on Favorite Recordings. You’re thinking “as usual? Who the hell are these guys, and favorite? That’s arrogance, isn’t it?” but I’d say wait. They do a track called Large Professor.

Exactly. The collaboration is called “Through Good And Bad” and you can download and listen to it for yourself (8.52mb), to find out if it is indeed good or bad. My view: good. Quite good.

REVIEW: U-God’s “Dopium”

free image hosting When the cameos on your own album outshine you, it’s best that you move to a new field. So is the case of U-God, who could’ve been one of the unpolished jewels of the Wu-Tang Clan if it wasn’t for the fact that his lyrics aren’t that impressive. His debut solo album was a waste of energy and electricity, and did he really think this would be a good idea? Pfftt.

Dopium (Babygrande) is an album that features a lot of special guests, including Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, Method Man, The Genius, Cappadonna, Killah Priest, Large Professor, Mike Ladd, and Jim Jones among others, and these guys totally rip U-God a number of anuses to the point where he looks like a block of cheddar cheese. If this album was released as… well, if U-God‘s vocal tracks were removed and released as Wu Shtyles, Bufo Frog Logs, or even Douchebag Rebels, it would have been considered an incredible project. U-God was known as the 4-bar killer so when he goes past four lines, he’s boring. Remove him, and this album would have jaded heads going “this shit is nice”. If U-God was a factor with the Wu-Tang behind the scenes, then I hope he continues working behind the scenes. But as a front man in charge, he doesn’t have the power to impress. Hell, if this was released as an instrumental, people would mistake this as something by The Alchemist.

In truth, the tone of his voice as always been nice and mellow in that Chali 2na-sort of way, but if he still writes his own lyrics, he needs to improve on them. If others are doing the writing, U-God needs to select better lyrics. Imagine if U-God did some tracks with Pharrell Williams? Now that might be good (keyword: might).