VIDEO/FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Latryx’s “Call To Arms”

It may be Lei Day on this May Day, but in other parts of the United States and the world, there have been a few protests of interest, specifically from the Occupy movement. Arrests have been made in Seattle, Portland (Oregon) and other cities, but they’re not giving up. Perhaps it’s appropriate that Latryx have dropped a video for the Headnodic-produced track, “Call To Arms”, on this day. You can download the single for free directly from (32mb), and in case you’re wondering “wait, how come a single is 32mb?” it’s because the file is a zip (tested) that contains the following mixes of the song:
1) Album Version
2) Clean Version
3) Instrumental
4) A Capella

Get at/to it.

SOME STUFFS: Gift Of Gab has presents in the form of his “Next Logical Progression”

Gift Of Gab has been unusually quiet as of late, which is odd because let’s face it: when you have a gift, and that gift is to gab… well, you know what I’m talking about. He’s wiping off the dust collected and is about to drop a new album called Next Logical Progression, so anyone who wanted to know what would come next from him, this is it. The new album will be released on March 27th, and this is the official track listing, with some quality guests joining him:

1. NLP
2. Introlude
3. Rise (featuring Raashan Ahmad and Zumbi)
4. Protocol (featuring Samantha Kravitz)
5. Everything Is Fine (featuring George Clinton and Latryx)
6. Toxic (featuring Martin Luther)
7. Wack But Good People
8. Effed Up
9. Market & 8th
10. Dream Warrior (featuring Ms K)
11. So So Much
12. Beyond Logic

One interesting factor about this album is that it caters less to his select use of samples, and more to trying out more instrumentation. You can hear (and download) the results by checking out “Protocol”.
Gift of Gab: Protocol ft. Samantha Kravitz by quannumprojects

On top of that, fans will be able to hear some of these new songs and a few classics or two when he goes on a brief tour this month:
January 20… Crystal Bay, NV (Crown Room)
January 21… Chico, CA (El Ray Theater)
January 22… Sacramento, CA (Harlowes)
January 25… Eugene, OR (Cozmic)
January 26… Portland, OR (Mt. Tabor)
January 27… Victoria, BC (Sugar)
January 28… Seattle, WA (Nectar Lounge)
January 29… Bellingham, WA (Wild Buffalo)

REVIEW: Lyrics Born’s “The Lyrics Born Variety Show Season Pho”

free image hosting Any rapper that says the word “microfiche” and knows what it means is alright with me, and Lyrics Born has become one of the more impressive MC’s in hip-hop, regardless of city, region, state, coast, country, world. The man isn’t afraid to sing, and he’s not afraid to let people he’s not too hi-pro in that department but what he does is deliver, as an incredible lyricist and powerful entertainer. For fans who find it hard to wait for a new proper album, LB has released The Lyrics Born Variety Show – Seaon Pho, a mix CD featuring a collage of brand new tracks, including rhymes over trusted breakbeats that will make fans pee pee in envy. Ever wanted to know how he would sound rhyming over Gang Starr‘s “Take It Personal”? You’ll find out in “Stay Professional”, Want to know how he does it in a dancehall stylee, as if he’s the Asian Shabba Ranks? Licka shot with “Pop Campaign”. For a bit of R&B flavor he teams up with wife Joyo Velarde in “Mama’s Got A Brand New Swag”, and 1-upping Amerie big time. Need more? Both of them bring in Lateef for a bit of that Latryx deluxe groove in a remix of “The World Is Calling”. LB’s humor has always been subtle, but in “Beautiful Bowlegged Lady” he honors those with their boto legs and puts them up in a pedestal for all to hear. Need funk? His track with The Bamboos for the almighty “Turn It Up”, but I would’ve pissed out a donkey had it been a duet with Kylie Auldist.

Let’s just say that for a well rounded album, of any genre, Lyrics Born is a monarch in this, simply doing music for the love of it. He tours almost endlessly to make ends meet, but the man is incredible in the studio and those who have witnessed him live know there’s no other. This easily works as a proper album, and if this is what his in-between albums are going to sound like, I hope he does a lot more. Sick, sick, sick, sick, sick.

Free MP3 Download: Lyrics Born says “pho shua” with new mix tape

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Lyrics Born has some new music out, but not a new proper album, that will be due out later in the year (perhaps alongside Joyo Velarde‘s new one. Until then, he is making available a free digital-only mix tape called The Lyrics Born Variety Show: Season Pho (4!), which you can download now by going to

The cover for the “mix tape” is cool, especially the “Pho Cue” reference.
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Need a hit from LB’s full length? Inhale: