VIDEO: Latimore Platz featuring E.C. Vol’s “10 Stone”

In the closing line of the track “Time To Unravel”, it was Blueprint who said “I’m still cinematic like Jet Li“, but now he’s taking that into reality. The Ohio MC/producer has directed his first music video for Latimore Platz in a song he did with E.C. Vol called “10 Stone”. The track is from Latimore Platz’s EP, Smokey Part 2. True to the nature of the EP, part of the video was shot in Motor City (for the uninformed, that’s Detroit, Michigan) while other footage is from their native Columbus, Ohio locale.

Blueprint posted a blog entry about the technical side of the video, which you can read by heading to his blog. Let’s hope Printmatic gets even more cinematic in 2011.

REVIEW: Latimore Platz’s “Smokey Part 2”

Photobucket There’s a somewhat unspoken spirit amongst hip-hop producers in the digital era where an anything-goes approach exists. While you have one section that wants to copy anything and everything that sounds like Dilla or Kanye West, you have others who look at sampling as a continued way to not only exploit the endless catalog music to sample from, but to do it without fear of being sued. Not that artists can’t be sued, but if it’s not going to sell or be noticed as much as Kanye West, most artists are safe from being slapped with lawsuits. This is the mentality of the new album by Latimore Platz, who raids the Smokey Robinson catalogto come up with Smokey Part 2 (Weightless Recordings Continue reading