SOME STUFFS: Chicago Transit Authority’s 1969 set from Fillmore West released by Wolfgang’s Vault

When these gentlemen shot this photo, little did they know they would become one of the soft rock kings of not only the 1970’s, but the 1980’s, at a time when most bands who came up during the same time were long gone. Before they were simply Chicago, they were the Chicago Transit Authority, and they played at a number of colleges and made it through the normal hippie spots, including the Fillmore West. As over 200,000 music fans congregated to Bethel, New York for the Woodstock Music & Art Fair, CTA did a three night stand at the Fillmore West 3000 miles away from August 15-17th (so if any of you ever wondered where Chicago were when Woodstock was happening, now you know.) The band played two sets a night, an early show and a late show, customary for a lot of groups back then. CTA had released their debut album that were becoming staples of freeform FM radio, and their late show set from August 17, 1969 has been widely bootlegged over the years. You can now purchase an official recording of the show from Wolfgang’s Vault, the official site for anything and everything that had to do with Bill Graham‘s venues. Graham was able to have almost every artist documented in his venues, primarily audio but occasionally video. Wolfgang’s Vault have opened up their collection to fans, and now they’re able to hear this CTA set officially, available as MP3’s or in beautiful FLAC (lossless) files.

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