SOME STUFFS: Leeches Of Lore look to August for month long tour

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The weather is hot outside, perfect for some crunchy music and what better way to experience that than with Leeches Of Lore out of New Mexico. If you’ve heard the name but have no idea what they sound like, well, you could’ve done a YouTube search first and foremost.

Another option would have been to just check their MySpace page, which I already linked to in this post. Missed it? I got you. Missed it again? AAAAAH, C’MON NOW!!! The link is here, click this link here. Okay.

Now check and see if they’ll be playing near you:
8/7 Little Rock, AR @ Downtown Records w/ Shitfire
8/9 Greenbrier, TN @ Loudhouse Coffee
8/10 Asheville, NC @ Broadway’s
8/11 Chapel Hill, NC @ Nightlight w/ Spermcount, Bitter Resolve
8/12 TBA
8/13 Northampton, MA @ The Elevens w/ Black Pyramid, Elder
8/14 Keene, NH @ Knights of Columbus w/ Black Pyramid, Black Norse
8/15 Portland, ME @ FLASK
8/16 Buffalo, NY @ The Funeral Home w/ Sonorous Gale, HAITI
8/17 Erie, PA @ Cooked I w/ Sound City Saints, With Signs Following, Mala Sangre
8/18 Chicago, IL @ Quencher’s w/ Bible of the Devil
8/19 Lawrence, KS @ The Replay Lounge w/ Horse Mountain, Meatflower
8/20 Omaha, NE @ O’leaver’s Pub w/ Dim Light
8/21 Denver, CO @ Lion’s Lair w/ meaTBikini

Now experience their music for yourself in a club.

SOME STUFFS: Leeches Of Lore debut LP gets bigger release today

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They are from New Mexico and are called Leeches Of Lore, an incredibly heavy band made heavier because they only consist of two guys. They had released the album on their own last year but it has since been picked up by MeteorCity Records, who are reissuing it today. If you already have the album, you can download three tracks that didn’t make the album by clicking here.

Leeches Of Lore combine a wide range of hard rock and metal styles, from old school thrash to progressive, and grungy stoner rock with hints of pop and folk and a side of quirkiness that is refreshing to hear. It’s not just a solid barrage of power riffs and vocalizing, they offer a lot more and a bit of the unexpected.

You can purchase the CD through