SOME STUFFS: Comedienne asks public to help her make a comedy record

A few weeks ago I came across a website called Kickstarter, where it’s possible to post a project that you’re doing or want to do, and be able to ask for funds towards that project. If you get the amount you want for the project, the funds are given to you. If not, it goes back to donators. There are a lot of project on the site, and if I had more (read “any”) money to play with, I’d be making donations all day.

This one caught my interest because I am a fan of comedy records, and the fact that someone wants to release a comedy LP, and I mean “vinyl”, in 2010 is great. Her name is Mindy Raf, but the album will be under one of her comedic personas, a folk-rock songstress named Leibya Rogers. The segments that are up there are very funny, and I want to throw some support her way.