REVIEW: Sixo’s “Free Floating Rationales”

Photobucket The term “alternative hip-hop” has been floating around since the early 90’s to describe the type of rap music that may not be hip or part of the current mainstream. Me’Shell NdegeOcello proudly said in the booklet of her 1993 debut album that “the alternative to hip-hop is silence”. It may sound big headed to think that, but while I know and understand the different variations of the music, sometimes all that is needed is simplification of what is heard, which may bring more people into hearing what is being presented. As Sixo, Scotty Trimble is someone who has done things differently in his career, although one has to wonder if it’s the music they’re listening to or the different MC’s that come across his tracks. Free Floating Rationales (Fake Four Inc.) is a mixture of tight instrumentals and vocalized tracks. On the vocal size, if you like the works from the Anticon crew, cLOUDDEAD, Reaching Quiet, Wordburglar, or Jesse Dangerously, these tracks will definitely be pleasing to you as they are funky, quirky, and nerdy when they have to be. Ceschi and Hologram Dagger contribute to “Blind Coats” and the sound could have easily been something from the Latryx catalog. The superfresh LEIF (kolt) gets deep and dope with the very nice “Rocker John” and as for the Anticon influnce, my online godfather Sole supplies some words of wisdom in “Government Bonds”, continuing on fighting the good fight he has done over the years to let people know about the deceit being passed to the general public as being “for the people”. Moka Only delivers a bag with some unknown substances to Sixo and comes up with “Paper Pathway”, and anyone who has been a Moka fan will not be let down by this track. The instrumentals here could… no, should be taken by many of today’s top notch MC’s and turned into some great music. Just make sure Sixo gets paid for it, okay?

Sixo: one of my favorite producers out now, teaming up with MC’s who are some of my favorite rappers of the last few years. This may very well be your hip-hop dream lineup and if it isn’t, reconsider your agenda. This is just damn good music, and while the hip-hop Illuminati might cry blasphemy because they feel this style of music is Illuminati to hip-hop, all I can say is fuck them. This album is far better than the constipated shit that’s stuck up the industry’s anus and being passed off as the real shit. Yeah, it’s shit alright, but not this.

VIDEO: LEIF(kolt)’s “I Don’t Play”

The moment there’s musical activity happening from LEIF(kolt), I want to know about and hear it. He has a new EP called Hooks (available for free directly from his website), and this is the first video from it. LEIF(kolt) always pushes people’s expected limits in his music and videos, and this will definitely test people’s limits. The video is abstract and slightly twisted in its own way, and I’m sure a few people might ask “what in the world does this have to do with the song?” Who said a video had to be an accurate visual representation of a song? Then again… is it?

VIDEO: Sixo featuring LEIF(kolt)’s “Rocker John”

When I watched this video, I knew it all too well, for I am surrounded by people and neighborhoods that look exactly like this. No harm done, for this is the brand new video by Sixo called “Rocker John” and… did they do this about me? Eh… no, but Sixo did bring in LEIF(kolt) to share their radar love in a hip-hop fashion.

REVIEW: LEIF(kolt) & Dusty Nix’s “Nothing For The Vultures” (EP)

Photobucket Nothing For The Vultures is an EP by LEIF(kolt) and Dusty Nix that I’ve been listening to for almost a month, and I’ve become a fan of artists who will approach the EP format as a way to introduce themselves to fans, or at least to not overdose/overwhelm people with more than enough music that can exhaust its own welcome. What I like is that LEIF(kolt) has an attitude that is a mixture of “supreme smart ass” and “powerful confident MC”, and how he balances it is very effective in each of the songs. He’ll talk about being the shit, but within the confident flows are lyrics that show a human side that too many rappers tend to not show.

Within the instrumentals created by Dusty Nix, LEIF(kolt) allows him to play with moods, personalities, and storylines there one song might sound tribal, another sound like a drive-by, while others may sound like they just ripped off a bassline from a Black Sabbath, filtered it, and rock it better than anyone else has ever done. It’s something LEIF(holt) has been doing for a decade on his own albums and mixtapes, and this is just continued travels on his path of lyrical rhythm and freedom.

As for the 6-songs on here, the EP format works well for them, but am curious to see how they could take on a full album.

(You can order Nothing For The Vultures directly from

VIDEO: LEIF(kolt) & Dusty Nix’s Nothing For The Vultures

These days, it seems when it comes to caucasian MC’s, they are now a dime a dozen. The novelty of being white and a rapper no longer exists, either you’re good or you’re not. Some might say “oh, did Eminem give everyone that much courage to rap?” but that would be a disservice to what came before with The Beastie Boys and 3rd Bass? A lot of MC’s are simply about being themselves while honoring those that came before, and it gets to a point where color of skin tone isn’t an issue.

Aaah, but what if you’re an MC who wants to be blue, red, or even yellow? This is what LEIF(kolt) set himself to discover in the video for “Nothing For The Vultures”. It’s a track he and Dusty Nix did for their EP of the same name, and if the EP is as good as this track (review of the EP forthcoming)… eh, just get it. It’s nice to hear someone wit the confidence to write and put it in rhyme, and have that rhyme be something you want to like and share with everyone.

As I have.