VIDEO: Lessondary’s “Introducing…”

Donwill, Vonpea, Brickbeats, Aeon, Rob Cave, Che Grand and many others can be seen and heard in this new track by Lessondary called “Introducing…” and if this is your first introduction to them, perfect timing. The song was produced by Brickbeats himself while the video was gathered by Ilyas Nashid himself and yourself? Get to enjoying this, which will appear on Lessondary’s forthcoming album Ahead Of Schedule due out on June 24th. Did you look at your digital device or computer? For most of you, that means tomorrow, you too are ahead of schedule.

SOME STUFFS: Lessondary to release their first album in June

Lessondary will be dropping an album on June 24th and you may be thinking “who the hell is Lessondary?” Thank you, Robin Harris, I’ll tell you. They are a hip-hop collective that welcomes the two members of Tanya Morgan (Donwill and Von Pea), Ilyas Nashid, Rob Cave, Che Grand, Jermiside, Elucid, Aeon, and Brickbeats. You may have heard them individually or in other musical functions but this is actually the first Lessondary album. It will be called Ahead Of Schedule and you can hear a track from it below, check out “Introducing…”.