VIDEO: Lights & Motion’s “Paper Wings”

Chronicle is the latest album by Lights & Motion, which they released at the beginning of the year. Now they’re sharing a visual representation of one of its songs so if you’ve been living life nicely with “Paper Wings”, check out if it captures your mind’s eye.


VIDEO: Lights & Motion’s “The Spectacular Quiet”

Chronicle (Deep Elm) is the forthcoming album by Lights & Motion and from it is a haunting video called “The Spectacular Quiet”, which begins like a film, complete with credits. Credit yourself for discovering this song and make it your mental anthem. Chronicle will hit stores on January 13th.


VIDEO: Lights & Motion’s “The March”

Lights & Motion’s Reanimation album (my review of which can be read by clicking here) was released about a year ago and it is still energizing everyone who discovers them for the first time. The band’s voyage continues with a video for “The March”, and if you haven’t been taken to places after hearing this, you may find yourself in a new city upon its conclusion.

AUDIO: Lights & Motion’s “Snow”

 photo LightsMotionsyh_cover_zpsb85e2436.jpg
Lights & Motion are returning to the fold next week with a brand new album called Save Your Heart (Deep Elm) and your first audio glipse of it is here with the song “Snow”, which you may stream and listen to at this very moment.

REVIEW: Lights & Motion’s “Reanimation”

Lights und Motion photo LightsMotion_cover_zps5c643cc3.jpg Lights & Motion are primarily creators of instrumental music, and what I like about Reanimation (Deep Elm) is that their songs are perfect for television and movies, especially as background music for commercials. Some of it reaches the synthesized levels of progressive rock, where the backdrop sounds as if it’s going to reach an epic moment. It’s not until the last song, “Dream Away”, where you’ll hear lyrics from a man who sings about not wanting to be alone but feeling a need to get back home. It too is ready made for television and movies, and perhaps that’s why they’re called Lights & Motion, everything is ready-made for projects-to-be. I’d like to think there would be more heroes in this world if radio was filled with music like this.

VIDEO: Lights & Motion’s “Home”

A wonderful song has been transformed into a video. In this case I speak of Lights & Motion’s “Home”, which may remind you of where you’re from, or at least remind you of good days gone by. If you like the song, you can download it for free for a limited time below, via Amazon.