VIDEO: Lil Daggers’ “Ulcer On My Skull”

Partying, drinking, and having a good time. But what happens of partying, drinking and good times lead to ulcers? This is what Lil’ Daggers ponder with a song from their new EP No Pizza, No Peace (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond), called “Ulcer On My Skull”, rich in the deep echo of a long hall in an unknown area place.

SOME STUFFS: Lil’ Daggers have an EP to unveil

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Lil’ Daggers finished an EP’s worth of music that they will be releasing next month through the Brooklyn-based Beyond Beyond Is Beyond label. The 5-song EP is called No Pizza No Peace. The band are currently in the planning stages of doing a few shows in NYC during the first weekend of August.

VIDEO: Lil’ Daggers’ “Pair Of Lives”

New video to my eyes is one by one of my favorite bands in recent years, Lil’ Daggers. This one is for the track “Pair Of Lives”, which is black & white and moody when it has to be (which is most of the time). The song is from their self-titled debut, my review of which can be found here.

AUDIO: Lil’ Daggers’ share new song from forthcoming UK single Lil’ Daggers made one of the best albums of 2011, and they’re about to release a single on Smoky Carrot Records, a label out of the UK. The song is called “Stray Chank”, the title of which either sounds raunchy, smelly, hilarious, sarcastic, or none of them. Regardless of the title, it’s the music that sounds so you should listen to this.

The song can also be found on the new Smoky Carrot compilation, Smoky Times. Vol. 1, released earlier this week (February 27th), but you’ll also want to get the single for its B-side, “Snake Bird”, which you can hear by clicking here. Eh, get them all.

Lil’ Daggers will be doing a split 7″ with The Underground Youth, aiming for a June release.

VIDEO: Lil Daggers’ “Dada Brown”

Lil Daggers-Dada Brown [Official Video] from Michael J. Ruiz-Unger on Vimeo.

Lil’ Daggers have made another music video, and it’s a nice one for the song “Dada Brown”. I’ve reviewed some of their records in the last year, including their debut album (you can read my review by clicking to Skyscraper Magazine), and if you haven’t heard it, may the video be a good reason to move you to show support and buy it.

REVIEW: Lil’ Daggers’ “King Corpse” 7 inch

Photobucket Southern rock comes in a range of varieties, whether replete with soulful influences coming in as an acknowledgment of blues and jazz, or the twisted death metal crunch springing from Florida’s tip to the hidden forests of Virginia. Like any other region, good rock unfolds in new and interesting variants. Florida’s Lil’ Daggers are a band who sound nothing like what you’d expect from the South. Then again, the South is known for its rugged and relentless music, and in this case the band takes their brand of garage rock and pushes it forward for a generation who are hungry for good and decent music.

To read the full review, head to

Lil’ Daggers just released a video promo for their debut full-length, due out April 12th on Livid Records.

Lil Daggers LP promo from Lil Daggers on Vimeo.