VIDEO: Mic Handz featuring Lil’ Fame’s “Don’t Get Stomped”

 photo MicHandzFame_old_zps195523e3.jpg
When you were a teenager, your parents probably gave you one bit of advice before you went to a concert. Maybe that’s not what Mic Handz and M.O.P. member Lil’ Fame had in mind when they created “Don’t Get Stomped”, because being “stomped” can mean a few things but let’s hear what they are speaking up in their new collaboration together.

VIDEO: Lil Fame & Termanology’s “Fizzyology”

Giggling is not something you will do with this video, you will rock your head and make you go “ahh ooh-waaa”. This is Lil’ Fame and Termanology, who are about “Fizzyology” and you might be asking “what the hell does that mean”? This is that the video is for, go listen. The Alchemist produced this one, and no, that’s not why you should giggle, it’s really good. Don’t believe me? Listen, and watch the video by director Gorilla Flix. Mr. Flix did a great job here.