FREE MP3 DL: Rapper Big Pooh & Nottz’s “300Z”

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New music has been getting people pumped for anything new by rapper Rapper Big Pooh and producer Nottz. Now here’s yet another morsel of newness so if you’re a fan of these guys, you’re expected to enjoy this immensely. Okay, maybe not “expected” but you are sure to get into “300Z”. It will be a part of their Home Sweet Home album on Mello Music Group, due out on November 13th.

AUDIO: MED & Blu & Madlib featuring Phonte & Likewise’s “Finer Things”

MED & Blu worked with Sir Madlib on an album project called Bad Neighbor and they’d like to share a track from it. This is called “Finer Things” and I want you to take a listen, so please enjoy.

Now you’re probably saying “wait a minute: I see names in the subject line, I’m not going anywhere until you mention it somewhere in this description” so I will. The main main known as Phonte Coleman is a part of this song, along with Likewise. If it has Phonte, that immediately means this song is a trademark of quality and c’mon, Madlib? Now have a listen, don’t hesitate.

FREE DL: Rapper Big Pooh featuring Eric “Blakk Soul” Keith’s “How I Move”
Rapper Rapper Big Pooh is ready to release his new EP called Words Paint Pictures and this is a song produced by Apollo Brown and featuring Eric Keith, who you may know better as Blakk Soul. The song is called “How I Move” but you could say this song is about how they move towards making sure you enjoy the song so… enjoy. Free download to boot, no excuses.

AUDIO: Mello Music Group featuring Oddisee & Phonte’s “Requiem”

Oddisee rhymes and produced this cut from a new compilation album on Mello Music Group called Persona, and he receives lyrical and verbal help from Phonte in a rap manner. Assisting on vocals is singer Tamisha Waden. The entire comp, which will also feature Kool Keith, Ras Kass, Gift Of Gab, Rapper Big Pooh, Open Mike Eagle and many more, will be out on March 10th.

AUDIO: Don Streat featuring Little Brother’s “The Sun (Remix)”

Maryland and France merge with this new project by Don Streat and producer Cool HD, which will be an album called Bare My Soul, due out on the 19th of September, and this song may very well bring it some awareness. It’s a remix of “The Sun” , which welcomes North Carolina’s Phonte and Rapper Big Pooh doing what they do, and nicely.

VIDEO: Rapper Big Pooh’s “Gold Chain”

You know him, you feel him, and you may very well love him, from afar at least. Now, Rapper Big Pooh has a new project coming out very soon called Fat Boy Fresh Vol. 3: Happy Birthday, Thomas, and this is a bit of the shine that’s on there, called “Gold Chain”. As always, he has something to say and in the words of Ice-T, he has no reason to lie to you.

FREE MP3 DL: Bird featuring Little Brother & Notes To Self’s “Still Shine”

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Bird is a singer/songwriter/producer from Toronto, Ontario, and is not to be confused with Japanese singer Bird (Kitayama Yuki). Bird will be releasing a new album on the Lost Metropolis label called La Notte, scheduled for public consumption on July 9th, and one of the tracks brings him together with Phonte, RapperBigPooh, and Notes To Self for an excellent track called “Still Shine”. Listen to what you should not be missing.

VIDEO: Phonte Coleman speaks on 9th Wonder

On Friday, March 26, 2010, MC/vocalist Phonte Coleman put out a Little Brother MP3 for the song “Star”. The track was originally meant to be a bonus track for those who bought the Leftover album through iTunes. The album is to be the last Little Brother album for the time being, although both Phonte and Rapper Big Pooh have always said they will remain Little Brother for life.

However, plans on releasing “Star” as a bonus track was nixed by 9th Wonder, so Phonte basically said “fuck it” and released it as a free MP3 (8.85mb)

This has lead to a war of words on Twitter between Phonte and 9th Wonder, and it has lead many to say “take it off the computer and discuss it offline” but it hasn’t stopped. It has lead to Phonte releasing this video. For the most part, the parting of 9th Wonder and Little Brother has never been discussed, so Phonte decided to speak on it, in the hopes this will be the last word on things so that everyone can move on.

Phonte speaks on Little Brother/9th Wonder from Phonte Coleman on Vimeo.

SOME STUFFS: Rapper Big Pooh hits the road to see you

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Little Brother have been through a lot in the last few years, so as they’re about to release what will be their last album for the moment, Rapper Big Pooh is about to head on tour. This is a solo tour but he will be joined with special guests along the way. Here are the confirmed dates:

2/17-Pittsburgh, PA with People Under The Stairs @Diesel
2/18-Chicago, IL with People Under The Stairs @Subterranean
2/19-Cleveland, OH with People Under The Stairs @Grog Shop
2/20-Toronto, ON with People Under The Stairs @Opera House
2/22-Northampton, MA with Termanology @Bishops Lounge
2/23-Cambridge, MA with Termanology …@Middle East Club
2/24-Burlington, VT @Nectars
2/25-Portland, ME with Termanology @Port City Music Hall
2/26-Orono, ME with Termanology @Soma
2/27-Exeter, NH with Termanology @Shooters
2/28-Providence, RI with Termanology @Jerkys
3/4-Atlanta, GA @Apache Cafe

If Pooh is not hitting a city near you, tell the nightclub “bring Pooh here”. You can e-mail and find out how to get him to perform.

In the meantime, if you missed his recent free album, The Purple Tape, you can download it right now by heading to Bandcamp.

Now how many of you knew Pooh is a huge sports fan? I know little to nothing, but Pooh gets deep and it’s always a great read. Check out Pooh On Sports, which may sound like double entendre but he truly drops the good shit on everything from football to basketball, boxing and drag racing. If he moved to Cali and got into surfing, I would demand that he get on FuseTV or something.

SOME STUFFS: Foreign Exchange and an open letter to FuseTV (Part II)

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It had come to my attention that the music cable network FuseTV did not want to play a music video by Foreign Exchange, the duo featuring MC/vocalist Phonte Coleman and producer Nicolay. The reason given was that FuseTV, a network once known for their underground/indie spirit, especially with rock bands, only played hit artists. Obviously it means FuseTV changed their policy from when they started, but networks do that. Upon sending an e-mail to FuseTV, I had found a description on their own website about what their programming is about. I decided to add that to my e-mail and forward it to them. Since I hoped to gain a bit more attention towards the cause, I decided to post it on Twitter. The website that held that Tweet is no more, but another website was nice enough to archive the e-mail, so here it is. It was re-Tweeted by many people, and that was my goal, in the hopes to have someone at FuseTV react. No response.

Last night, Foreign Exchange were nominated for a Grammy Award. I decided to write a second e-mail to them, which was sent on Twitter, and immediately people proceeded to RT. Here is that e-mail:

@Phontigallo @nicolaymusic @FEOfficial A second open letter to @FuseTV about Foreign Exchange. Dear FuseTV: This letter is a follow-up to an e-mail I sent directly to your cable network concerning the fact that your channel does not want to play the new music video by Foreign Exchange, a duo featuring producer Nicolay and MC/singer Phonte Coleman. If you do not remember my e-mail, it has been archived here for posterity.

As your music research department knows by now, Foreign Exchange has been nominated for a Grammy Award. I go back to my initial e-mail, concerning your refusal to play their music video. The claim is that FuseTV only plays videos by “hit artists”, even though there is a statement on your own website which indicates your network is about “celebrating the hit makers of today, familiar favorites and edgy newcomers.” Foreign Exchange has made two albums, and one of their songs from their most recent album has been officially nominated for a Grammy award tonight:

Best Urban/Alternative Performance
(For solo, duo, group or collaborative performances, with vocals. Singles or Tracks only.)

* Daykeeper
The Foreign Exchange
Track from: Leave It All Behind
[Hard Boiled Records]

If you need further proof, here is the URL:

Not everyone has the honor of being nominated for a Grammy, and I feel this is significant enough for your network to put their music videos in rotation. There are many fans out there, and you know what? You may help to bring the group more fans. In turn, fans who have never heard of Fuse-TV before may now know your network as the one who, through fan support, gave Foreign Exchange a chance.

You know what I’d love, though? There’s a band Fuse-TV supports, a great hard rock band called Valient Thorr (@ValientThorr). They claim they are from Burlatia, somewhere on planet Venus, and I believe them, but they call the state of North Carolina home. Did you know that one half of Foreign Exchange calls North Carolina home too? Nicolay, whose last name rhymes with my own, is from the Netherlands, and I am almost certain the vikings of Valient Thorr may have some Earthly connections there as well.

I partly joke, but the real reason behind this “open letter” to you, FuseTV, is to say please, re-consider playing a video by Foreign Exchange on your network. Or I should change that: reconsider playing a video by the Grammy-nominated Foreign Exchange on your network. If Nicolay comes to the U.S. for the ceremony, get Phonte together and create a 30- to 60-minute profile show. Play music videos, interview them, have them perform live. Fans? I’m sure if you put out a call, fans will show up. Or I will send an open letter to their fans.

@FuseTV, I thank you for your time, and I hope to hear from you soon.

-John Book, journalist/artist/producer/music’s biggest fan

If you want to show some support, feel free to RT this Tweet:

I’m doing this to show support for a group whose music I like, and two artists whose work I’m a fan of. As a fellow artist and producer, I know the hard work it takes to be heard and seen. As a journalist, I’d like to think that my words can make an impact, however small. “Kill them with kindness” as they say, I hope to do more of this in the 10’s, and I hope others will do the same. The internet has made it possible to complain about music and other forms of entertainment, more than any other era in the “music business”, so why not act and react in a positive manner?

Again, RT my Tweet and let FuseTV know that you want Foreign Exchange to at least have a chance. Here are the e-mail addresses that you should write to:

Thank you.