VIDEO: Liz’s “When I Rule The World”

Some comments about the new Liz song is downright scary. “This thing is a huge piece of shit”. “This bubblegum crap is just that: crap.” I’ll be honest, I didn’t have a liking to it either, not like I enjoyed her other songs but there’s something in here that let me know she is sure of what she is doing, and that’s the harmony vocal during the chorus. Some may hear the vocal loop going over and over but she sings something else and it at least let’s me know that she has something up her sleeve. Or at least that’s the hope. We’ll see if it’s true when she comes out with something new.

AUDIO: Liz’s “When I Rule The World”

Liz photo Liz2015_oldSML2_zpse1nx3cyb.jpg
Liz is back with a brand new song and if you haven’t heard the news, she is now signed to Mad Decent/Columbia. It means that yes, she is now a major label artist. Her new one is called “When I Rule The World”, produced by Sophie, and I really hope that this will help bring her more deserved hits because I like her voice, her energy and attitude she shows in her videos and I hope that helps her gain a greater success.

REVIEW: Liz’s “Just Like You” (EP)‎

 photo LizJLY_cover_zps1d174910.jpg Just Like You (Jeffree’s/Mad Decent) consists of the type of R&B that was prevalent in the mid to late 90’s and is still relevant, or at least it’s the type of soul that was ignored by the mainstream industry for the sake of cashing on on something less real, something without soul. Sure, Liz is an artist who some may feel is being pushed just because she’s a white lady, but… so? I think what matters more than anything is the fact that she sings, and by blessing her voice with songs that work perfectly because the songs have good verses, great choruses, and when she pulls out a surprise bridge, it will make you say “well, how come no one does music like this anymore?” In fact, music like this still gets a lot of attention in Europe and the rest of the world outside of the United States. Meanwhile, the U.S. hears this and thinks it’s not fashionable, despite the fact that music fans do not care about anything that is fashionable. As Sly Stone once said at Woodstock, music “is not a fashion in the first place, it is a feeling” and this song has a feeling with warmth, heart, and conviction. By doing something tha American audiences will feel is dated, maybe it will move their heads to realize that quality music is timeless. Now we need a full length Liz album.

AUDIO: Liz’s “That’s My Man”

Pharrell Williams produced this new track by Liz, and with the connections Williams has had with Diplo, this is how they were able to connect together, but Liz would not have approved if it wasn’t that good. Result: it’s good. You may like it because Pharrell is the champion but again, it would be nothing without Liz. Then again, it could’ve been Cee-Lo for all we know. You can find this on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 soundtrack-a-lack.

FREE MP3 DL: Liz’s “Just Like You” (EP)

MTV News called the music of Liz “Sailor Moon R&B”, which made me ask myself “what the fuck does that mean?”. As I’ve said in the last year, Liz has a nice voice that appeals to me, and she does the kind of R&B that is reminiscent of the music that happened in the mid to late 1990’s, which I’m sure will be part of her appeal but I can see her taking a few unexpected turns in the years to come. In this year that is here, she has released a 7-song EP called Just Like You, and I already want an album or two from her.

AUDIO: Liz’s “Do I Like U”

Yung Oji, r.i.c. volta and Swørd are not a new law firm that you really want to call just to prank them, but are a collection of producers responsible to the creation of the new song by Liz that will appear on her new EP that will be out on Thursday called… phew, that’s a run-on sentence, isn’t it? Let me take a textual break.


Ready to start again? Okay.

Liz’s new EP due out this Tuesday will be called Just Like U (Jeffree’s), and “Do I Like U” is one of its selections. You may listen to it at this time.

AUDIO: Liz’s “Y2K”

Liz has been making some good songs in the last few months and I really hope 2014 will turn into her year. If not this year, then 2015, it has to happen. “Y2K” is her latest song, perhaps her reminiscing about the good ol’ days of 14 years ago, when everything was new, millennial, and uncertain. You can get certain with her and her music when she releases the Just Like You EP, 7 songs of goodness, on the 27th of February.

FREE MP3 DL: Liz’s “All Them Boys”

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Soon-to-be-R&B sensation Liz has unleashed her latest single, “All Them Boys” and considering how groove savvy this is, a video is sure to follow within the next two weeks. I really like what she does, and I don’t need her videos to feed my mind, I am a fan. Let’s hope she becomes a huge success in 2014, and perhaps she will fill the void that Clara Hill left behind. Mahalo nui, Mad Decent.

FREE MP3 DL: Liz’s “Stop Me Cold”

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When I first became aware of Liz, I wasn’t sure what to expect but when I pressed play, I was very impressed. It’s the type of R&B that to me is R&B the way I like to hear it, reminiscent of a mid to late 90’s vibe but still sounding a lot more lively than what is currently the accepted R&B norm these days. She’s signed to Jeffree’s/Mad Decent and her label is already calling her a “pop princess”, knowing what whatever infomation is passed out, people will believe it. All I know is, while pop or any genre doesn’t need a princess or queen, Liz is someone who is a contender for a nice bout of stardom and I hope she makes it to where she wants to be and then some. Check out her new single “Stop Me Cold” and maybe it will do the same to you.