VIDEO: SmCity’s “Homeland”

What does one call their homeland? Even if you’ve lived somewhere for all your life, can you still call it a home when it seems the majority of people in your area wishes you didn’t exist? SmCity touches on the possibilities in his new song “Homeland”, nicely produced by !llmind. The song can be found on SmCity’s Empire Falls. which you can download for free below via Soundcloud.

VIDEO: SmCity’s “Cinematic Moment”

Maybe being called “cinematic” is an overused term these days but if one has a cinematic moment, perhaps it’s something that brings incredible visions. This is what SmCity did when he wrote this song, rhymed it, and had Mountain’s “Long Red” incorporated as one of its core samples, courtesy of producer !llmind. The video doesn’t need any sexual overtones but it helps for those who want an eye feast, now listen to the earful of goodness.

SOME STUFFS: Sean Armstrong shares pages from the “Marble Cake Diaries”

 photo SeanArmstrong_cover_zps26d3ff65.jpg
He had already released two projects earlier this year and this is the third of three. Seam Armstrong released a new album this week called Marble Cake Diaries, featuring the productions of Da Beatminerz, E. Jones, Amp, Khrysis, !llmind, and more, plus guest rhymes from Tajai and pHoenix. You can stream it for your listening conveniences, then consider buying it as a means to show support. Transactions can be had via Bandcamp below.

VIDEO: Yinka Diz’s “Overnight Scenario”

In the !llmind-produced “Overnight Scenario”, the self-proclaimed “African Hendrix”, Yinka Diz, talks about how he’s not going out like that, and demonstrates why he’s an MC who writes and rhymes well. Having the right flow makes it all that much more believable, because if you sound sloppy, no one wants to hear you. In this case, you’ll want to hear him, AND see him, which you can do by checking out the video for the song.