VIDEO: Locrian’s “Return to Annihilation”

The title track for Locrian’s latest album on Relapse Records has now been turned into a visual orgy and/or feast, are you ready to tickle your innards until you giggle or piddle? Okay, maybe “piddle” is not the right word for a video that’s just under seven minutes but it’s going to rupture yourself silly. Check out the awesome “Return to Annihilation”.


VIDEO: Locrian’s “A Visitation From The Wrath Of Heaven”

Slightly eerie, slightly exotic, but overall heavy. Locrian’s Return To Annihilation (Relapse) has been blowing away everyone who has listened to it, and now they’re taking things to another level with the video for “A Visitation From The Wrath Of Heaven”, directed by J.P Bradburn. This one may lead to nightmares or perhaps the most beautiful dreams. Let your mind wander.

VIDEO: Locrian’s “Two Moons”

Return To Annihilation (Relapse) may be something we are all trying to go for even though we’re in denial of the end, or maybe we’re just trying to turn away from it. Locrian talk about this on their new album and they pull out a grinding track from that album and turn it into a video. Watch “Two Moons” and see how far you’ll get from here to there and back.

VIDEO: Locrian’s “Panorama of Mirrors”

After almost two-and-a-half minutes of a constant drone and guitars starting up, the first sense of drums finally is heard and the pain becomes ecstasy, or maybe it’s ecstasy becomes pain. Or a mixture of both. It’s Locrian and a track from their Relapse Records’ album Return To Annihilation, released this past June. Like their music, the video for “Panorama Of Mirrors” may seem to go nowhere but keep your eyes on what’s going on, or what’s not going on. Then things will make a turn.

In truth, the video is abstract in nature and may not fit in with the music itself, but the music doesn’t really fit in with anything else. Simply use the video as a promotional means to get you in touch with the music, and try to separate things a bit. Regardless, it works in an odd way and that’s what counts.

VIDEO: Locrian’s “Exiting The Hall Of Vapor and Light”

The release of Return To Annihilation last month on Relapse has lead Locrian to create avideo for the song “Exiting The Hall Of Vapor and Light”. Just as the song may sound dreamy and trippy, the visuals (created by director George Moore) are equally just as satisfying.