REVIEW: Loden’s “The Star Eyed Condition”

 photo LodenTSEC_cover_zps89a58f50.jpg The abstract samples and synths used on Belgian producer Loden’s The Star Eyed Condition (Circle Into Square/Fake Four Inc.) makes you feel like you’re jumping out of suspended animation and are finding yourself swimming in a pool or stutters. Whether it’s the warmth or the coolness of the water, you are comforted by the fact that it’s water, so you’re comfortable but unsure of where the current will take you. You close your eyes, open your ears, and wish for the best.

If the song that begins “About Busdriver With Colors” doesn’t sound like a urine stream on a Quonset hut, you’re not listening the way I am. Then the song gets thick and funky with Busdriver dropping lyrics about “vaginal lips underneath the leather soles” and blending that with seeing things with such vibrancy. As far as seeing, Ceschi finds himself in “Ceschi Is Seeing Straight” and moves into a direction that is anything but straight and/or narrow. Joëlle Lê, know for her work as Greetings From Tuskan and with Buck65 in their Bike For Three! project, gets a chance to work with a fellow Belgian and go gallivanting in a brilliant song that crosses language and music barriers. Hearing Doseone in “Future Confetti With Doseone” makes me long for what was cLOUDDEAD but he still retains his nerdiness, sarcasm, humor, and dopeness that has always made him who he is as an artist. The album wraps up with “A Letter To A Future Kid From Sole”, and if The Star Eyed Condition makes itself somewhat of an optimistic album, Sole’s track almost moves things in a pessimistic manner. As the title indicates, it’s a message to someone who is too young to be aware of the world, or someone who doesn’t exist yet, offering words of guidance on what to look out for in a big and scary world that will probably be smaller and scarier in the years ahead. He closes the song and the album with the lines ““My only advice is to catch the tone in my voice/and know the spirit lives on, even when it’s strangled and put in a box/you might think you’re alone, but I can assure you you’re not/it’s how everybody feels before a society cracks“. It is then that you realize this isn’t only a message to a future kid, but a goodbye letter to our past and everything it used to mean, when meaning meant something.

It is then when you realize The Star Eyed Condition is an album that is meant to be the optimism of a young child, starry eyed with nothing known but who gives him or her warmth and comfort. It is then you realize the album is the type of album that could not exist on a major label anymore, not with musical freedom being something old people used to do for shits and giggle. The idea that someone in rap music could get down in a non-hip-hop manner seems laughable, even though rappers are doing just that but are killing themselves inside for the paper chase that ends up chasing, biting, and killing them. The album is something that could only be done in electronic music, which tends to tear down walls as a mirror towards the walls being build by many. The Condition of those who are Star-Eyed leads one to wonder if it’s a condition that needs to be treated, or does doing things automatically make you a defect of the once cherished human condition? The sounds here are fun and danceable, but it leads to a moral that involves thought. Like the old song “Find The Cost Of Freedom”, a cost that was buried in the ground, if mother Earth swallows us, do we have to lay our bodies down or dust off the dirt and try to survive in something that seems better to not exist in? Music with thought can be a very good thing, maybe this will be the thought provoker.

SOME STUFFS: Loden unloads track from new album to come

 photo LodenSEC_cover_zps79468880.jpg
The Star-Eyed Condition is the forthcoming album from Loden that will be released on August 20th, and a vinyl pressing is being made, limited to only 500 copies. Loden has uploaded a track for you to listen to called “Future Confetti”, and it features Doseone. To order the record, click the Bandcamp player below, or head here if the player is not present.

FREE DL: Loden’s “Ceschi Is Seeing Straight”

 photo Loden_cover_zpsf723bb6e.jpg
In preparation of his album due out in August called The Star-Eyed Condition, Loden is releasing a track called “Ceschi Is Seeing Straight”, called this because it features Ceschi Ramos. Yes, THAT Ceschi.

More will be coming from this project before the release date but until then, (g)listen to this.

REVIEW: Loden’s “Buggy”

Photobucket Sample-based producers, I praise the paths they walk on for it is what moved me to become an artist/producer as well. The idea of taking other people’s sounds to create music that you define as your own sound, it’s what I love to listen to, what I love to create, and what I seek. I found this on the new album by Loden,and what he calls Buggy (Mush).

Truth be told, Loden is a combination of found sounds and real instrumentation. In a song like “Twerk” it may sound as crunk as anything coming out of an Atlanta nightclub, but you still hear hints of Art Of Noise or Jean Michel-Jarre, and the beauty of it is not being able to detect which is new, which is old, because all is dated, all is modern, all is happening, all is to come and everything under the sun is in tune but the sun is eclipsed by the… you know the reference I’m trying to make. The beats breathe, the sounds are the dialogue, the words are the hi-hats,and you have no idea what’s coming at you. The bio for the album mentioned Flying Lotus, and I see the comparisons. It’s dreamy, distinct, and willing to take any and all sound sources to built up a pallet with colors unseen. Colors unseen? Oh yeah. Imagine Black Moth Super Rainbow or Tobacco, but using completely different strains of psilocybin mushrooms.

With 17 songs on the album, it feels more like a soundtrack for a movie yet to be made or conceptualized. None of the songs reach the four minute mark and yet one can be completed taken away by being immersed in Loden’s trippy bubblefunk. If you stir your body around in your favorite lubricant while your friends watch, it may be as exciting as the funk of Buggy. It could be a way to describe a vehicle, but it could also mean that there’s a glitch in the machine, an error in its ways. If it means human error, then allow the machine in the mind of Loden to be buggy for life.