SOME STUFFS/AUDIO: Lux take on the music of Black Tambourine and bring it to Seattle

Seattle duo Lux will be releasing their We Are Not The Same album on April 3rd (you can read my full review here, but you’re now able to hear a bonus hidden track from it. It’s a cover of Black Tambourine‘s “Black Car”. If you’re not sure if you’ve heard the original before, here it is:

Now the cover.

REVIEW: Lux’s “We Are Not The Same”

Photobucket If you are a fan of the type of gothy, new wave pop that was present in a good amount of movies in the early to mid-1980’s, you will enjoy the debut by Lux, We Are Not The Same. It seems to capture the vibe of what made a lot of those British and American records great, a slightly punk attitude to a world they did not want to be in, and found hard to try to conquer/defeat. Think of Love & Rockets, Depeche Mode, and Let’s Active and you’ll hear it here. While the songs are decent, it seems that they’re doing it just for the sake of being retro. In fact, as a Seattle group they remind me of my first exposure to the Seattle music scene way back when, which suggested that if the city was going to be nothing but rain and gloom, then decades later it’s still rain and gloom today. Another way to look at it is that this sound that held up so well in the early to mid-80’s holds up well today, but it might make some wonder if this is actually an 80’s recording.

If there was something I didn’t like, it was the order of the tracks. I played around with the track order and I found this to be a decent way to listen to them:

04. Valerie, They’ll Never Understand
03. The Window
09. Cachexia
10. A Study In Apathy (Drugs, Etc)
02. Out Of Love
05. Little Cripple
07. Cerebellar Ataxia
01. Coroner’s Office
08. Candy Lux
12. I’ll Try To Ignore The Fact That You’re Drowning
11. 1000 Airwaves
06. X
13. Blackout

To my ears, I wanted the better songs to hit me immediately, but those were tracks 4, 3, 9, and 10. The album opener felt better if it was in the middle or at least somewhere in the second half.

If I had to pick stand-out songs, it would be “X” (which I would not mind seeing in movies) or “Blackout”, which is nothing more than a drone but it works well to exit the album. There is a bonus/hidden track after “Blackout” and I could see that being chosen as a single if they felt motivated to do it that way.

SOME STUFFS: Lux unveils the unknown Seattle with forthcoming debut

In the last 21 years, Seattle has gained a reputation of being the city of grunge, and definitely a city that rocks. Anyone can tell you that people such as Jimi Hendrix, The U-Men, The Sonics, The Fartz, and Heart have shown that Seattle has been rocking for a lot longer, but it has always been a city with a rich and incestuous music scene, acknowledged by locals and regional fans, but not often given the spotlight unless it rocks out with its cocks out. Those who know the diversity of Seattle’s music will tell you it has always been making music in any and all singles, and Lux want to prove themselves that yes, they are very much a Seattle group, or in this case, a duo.

Lux (Leah Rosen and David Chandler) have been together for a few years, and after the release of a digital EP that lead to favorable feedback, they will be releasing their debut album in the form of We Are Not The Same (self-released) on April 3rd. The album is said to show their many influences, with groups like New Order, The Jesus & Mary Chain, Sonic Youth, The Magnetic Fields and even The Velvet Underground but you may also hear a hint of Bananarama-like vocals, or at least what Bananarama might sound like if they were darker in musical tone. You’ll hear what I mean with their song “The Window” (click the player below).

The most interesting thing about Lux is that while they love music by bands who were/are known for their live performances, they have yet to perform in front of people. It is something they do plan on doing, but with a full length album on its way, I am certain they will do well on stage.

Lux will now represent a side of Seattle that has been somewhat unknown, but there will be many in the Emerald City who will hear this and go “yes, it’s about damn time!” Lux – The Window by fanaticpro