VIDEO: Lux$ta’s “Obama OG (That Osama)”

The title of this new song by Lux$ta almost doesn’t make sense until you listen to the chorus, talking about getting high like one, and blowing things up like the other. If anything, the track is a laid back party rhyme made to smoke and/or drink to, so head to that storage facility, get that “Sloop John B” whistle feel and make the best out of the situation with none of that flim flam.

FREE MP3 DL: Lux$ta’s “Phresh & Kleen”

 photo Luxta_cover_zps0b4be990.jpg
“Phresh & Kleen” is not the new song by Lux$ta that details the two ladies he met at the club, this is not that type of song. Of course, he means “fresh” and “clean” and I think everyone wants to be as fresh as possible, which often means being clean. This is what that song is about, what what “this” is and what the “what” means… you don’t care about my gibberish, you were interested once you saw the $ symbol in his name. Go press play and if the song is of interest to you, DL it for free.