VIDEO: M-Dot featuring Jaysaun & Bam Savage’s “Fugazzi”

Ego And The Enemy is the new album by M-Dot he released on January 27th, available below via but also available above is a glimpse of his new video he did with Jaysaun called “Fuggazi”. If you are a punk/indie rock fan, this has nothing to do with the band Fugazi, it’s a different entity altogether but one that you may find to your liking.

AUDIO: Mayhem featuring Edo G. M-Dot & Big Shug’s “Patriots (Red, Blue & Silver)”

A new cut called “Patriots (Red, Blue & Silver) has been unleashed by Mayhem, who some of you may know as a part of EMS. He is doing things with guests such as Big Shug, Edo G. and M-Dot, collected together by producer Souslicers with a bit of DJ slicing up the abdomens by LP2. This song will find its way on the Soul It May Seem project, and a video is being put together as you read this.

VIDEO: M-Dot featuring Method Man, Dominique Larue & Katy Gunn’s “Shine”

Ego And The Enemy is said to be a 2-part CD release for M-Dot’s debut album and what does that mean? Unknown at this time but from it is a video of a song he did with Dominique Larue, Katy Gunn, and Clifford Smith, the latter better known as Method Man of the Wu-Tang Clan.

VIDEO: EMS’ “The Spittin’ Dead”

EMS are Revalation, M-Dot, Kore, Mayhem, Undu Kati, Benefit and Desco and together they’re not hanging around just to be seen, they want to be heard too and are doing show with their new song “The Spittin’ Dead.” Not only that, they’ve made a video for it too, which will appear on Revalation’s forthcoming EP Emergency Broadcast, which means this song is only a test. The song was produced by Soul Infected.

FREE MP3 DL: M-DOT featuring Method Man, Dominique Larue & Katy Gunn’s “Shine”

M-DOT is one person you have to deal with and three people decided to take on the challenge. Katy Gunn, Dominique Larue, and someone who is not a gentleman, the Method Man, are all a part of “Shine”, which they do equally well in a powerful way. Soulplusmind produced this 4 1/2 minute soon-to-be gem, give it a listen and you’ll want to take this home, which you can while supplies last.

FREE MP3 DL: M-Dot’s “Praverbs”

 photo Praverb_old_zps3272ea99.jpg
Earl Patrick McNease was someone who loved hip-hop in his heart and showed this in what he had done online as well as in real life. Yesterday, it was announced that he died, for reasons unknown at this time. He was known as Praverb The Wyse, or Praverb for short, and the comments about his passing were immediate. Rapper M-Dot said he was talking with Praverb on the phone the night before he died so when he discovered the news, he felt he had to honor him in song. “Praverbs” is his tribute, done with producer Jerz.

VIDEO: Snowgoons featuring M-Dot, Jaysaun & Journalist 103’s “Still Real & Raw”

If you were “Still Real & Raw”, what would you do? In the words of Snowgoons, you would turn it into a song. This means they were real and raw in the first place, but are they still real and raw? They asked M-Dot, Jaysaun, and Journalist 103 to help discuss the issue and the final song is revealed here.

FREE MP3 DL: Revalation featuring M-Dot & Termanology’s “We’re From Mass (Remix)”

 photo RevalationWFM_cover_zps15e6578c.jpg
A chu sets? It’s a question Revalation may not know the answer to, but “We’re From Mass” (get it?) is a song he put together but now it comes in the form of a remix by Gajos, with verbal help from M-Dot and Termanology. The song will not harm you in anyway, so stream and dig and if dug, download it for future reference.