AUDIO: Macntaj featuring Karma’s “Carnage

Seattle continues to have the goods when it comes to hip-hop and if you need some proof, welcome yourself to Macntaj. He did a track called “Carnage” where he worked with producer M3 and rapper Karma. No doubt, there will be much more from Macntaj in the weeks and months to come.

SOME STUFFS/RECORD CRACK: DJ Nu-Mark to release album as a series of 10″ records

Jurassic 5, DJ, turntablist, and fans of giggling who have been waiting for when DJ Nu-Mark would be dropping an album under his own name: the wait is almost over as Broken Sunlight will be making itself known very soon. This is a smack of what’s to come, a track featuring J-Live, M3 and Erica Dee and like much of what Nu-Mark has done over the years, this isn’t a bad thing at all.

To make it interesting, the album will be released on vinyl as a series of seven different, 2-song 10″ records, for a total of 14 songs. When all of the EP’s have been released, the album will then be made available on CD and digitally. For hard copy fanatics, the album will be released along with an instrumental companion, and a DVD that documents the making of the album along with live footage.