AUDIO: Daktyl featuring Dive Deep’s “Stay (Machinedrum Remix)”

Daktyl’s album Cyclical has done well for him but the UK producer wanted to create an EP that featured some remixes of songs from here. Simply titled Cyclical (Remixes), he was able to get Machinedrum for some involvement and the end result is a nice remix of “Stay”, the song featuring Dive Deep. Mad Decent will be releasing the EP on June 30th so press play and be impressed by what you hear and anticipate what else will lurk on the EP.

FREE DL: DDay One’s “File Under: Love”
DDay One has assembled a 58 minute mix of love, romance, and tenderness in what he calls File Under: Love so if you need something to get you and a loved one in the mood or just need something to play on your long drive somewhere, check this free download through Bandcamp, featuring music from Jazzanova, Art Of Noise, Alice Coltrane, Roy Ayers Ubiquity, Mos Def, Gang Starr, Dennis Coffey, and many more.

SOME STUFFS: DJ Shadow to release new EP tomorrow

 photo DJShadowLA_cover_zps054ce50f.jpg
DJ Shadow is releasing new music tomorrow (August 12th) called The Liquid Amber EP on his new label, also called Liquid Amber. His post on Facebook says the EP will be dropping on Soundcloud, and while we don’t know yet if there will be hard copy or available legitimately in the digital format, it will feature a new remix of “Six Days” by Machinedrum, which should be very interesting.

(UPDATE: “Ghost Town” is being made available as a free download by clicking here.)

SOME STUFFS: Machinedrum releases a new single for Adult Swim series

 photo MachinedrumASS_cover_zpsbda0646e.jpg
Adult Swim has a new single series offering a new song a week for the next sixteen weeks, and we are currently on week 2. It’s called the Adult Swim Series, which can also stand for ASS but you can be sure that there will be at least one song that is not pure ass for you. Take for this one, a new song by Machinedrum called “Want Me”. You’ll want this too, so head here for a listen and glisten. Future installments of the Adult Swim Series will include music by Run The Jewels (on September 15th), Mastodon featuring Gibby Hayles (September 8th), Diarrhea Planet (August 4th), Sleep (July 21st). and Deafheaven (August 25th) so keep track of one and all.

REVIEW: Machinedrum’s “Vapor City”

 photo MachinedrumVC_cover_zps652a96b9.jpg News about a new album from Machinedrum really got me going, you know? I have enjoyed what he did with his 2011 album Room(s) to the point where I almost caught myself listening to it backwards and at half-speed, it’s that good. A new song of his, remixed my DJ Shadow, pumped me up even more and I looked forward to whatever he offered. Vapor City (Ninja Tune) is the offering, and I probably wet myself once the final notes were heard.

With that out of the way, Vapor City continues to show the production expertise of Machinedrum but it is also a more finely tuned Machinedrum as well. There are some songs where there is a sample sequence using a guitar and I can compare that to what he had done on Room(2) and previous projects, but then I will hear other portions of the album feel that it is also a progression of what he had done. It’s a need to keep things traditional, to maintain the usage and styles of what he did before, but also try new things. It is that blend of the traditional and the newly formed that help drive this album. I enjoy his use of vocal samples and how they may be sparse or distant and yet become the core of these songs, then you hear some of the beats he’s doing. Some of the instrumentals go back to a time when house became techno, which lead to jungle and the other variants of the genres and sub-genres, as if the last 20 years have just been us existing in a jungle world and we’re just slaves to Machinedrum’s rhythms, both present and subliminal. He makes music that I would find myself listening to frequently, and yet I can also imagine him working with mainstream artists, just to see how he will test their limits. I want to see and hear the limits removed, and I hope Machinedrum will be there to take care of the equations and solutions.

VIDEO: Machinedrum’s “Gunshotta”

Machinedrum’s long awaited Vapor City album on Ninja Tune will be released on September 30th and to welcome it into the world, a video for “Gunshotta” has been produced. The video ends with a man looking at a building in the distant evening sky, and for some reason it reminds me of the building on the back of Led Zeppelin’s (untitled 4th album), or at least similar in feel to the Butterfield Court building in Dudley, England.

VIDEO: Machinedrum’s “Eyesdontlie”

This man’s music has been on my iPod almost constantly, specifically his incredible 2011 album Room(s). His latest effort is a single on Ninja Tune called “Eyesdontlie”, and they do not. For some of you, you may have heard DJ Shadow’s remix of “Eyesdontlie” before the original but trust me when I say the original is quite satisfying in its own way. Turn off your mind, relax, and let the pulsating rhythms take you there like Pete Rock & CL Smooth once did.

REVIEW: Machinedrum’s “Nastyfuckk” (EP)

Photobucket Another EP from Machinedrum? Damn man, slow down! Nah, screw that, keep on throwing out the goods regardless of what anyone says.

For the 4-song Nastyfuckk he is offering up two new tracks, a remix he did for Badawi, and a Pixelord of one of the new tracks here. One of the two new Machinedrum tracks is called “What U Wanted 2 Feel”, which has the potential to become an electronic slow jam complete with analog clock beats and a few nice vocal loops that help to enhance the easy groove of this song. When Pixelord remixes “What U Wanted 2 Feel”, it seems he understood the slow jam mentality and makes it sexier under his guidance.

The EP starts off with two hellafied bangers: the title track comes with some incredible synthesized layers of creaminess, and then Machinedrum remixes Badawi’s “No Schnitzel” in a way where I can imagine dancefloors will be boiling in an ocean of sweat, vaginal secretions and ball flappage. The LFO’s will do its damage, so make sure you know where the fire exits are at the club. If you play this in your car, don’t be surprised if the cop pulls you over for disturbing the peace.

The uptempo and slow jams are a nice balance of Machinedrum’s capabilities, but with four, one wants/demands more. Yeah, Nastyfuckk indeed.