VIDEO: Madball’s “Doc Marten Stomp”

Hardcore Lives (Nuclear Blast) is the new album from Madball, who still want to throw shit in your face when it is necessary. That time is now with the song “Doc Marten Stomp”


RECORD CRACK: First two Sick Of It All albums are reissued on vinyl

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Hardcore punk fans will talk about the glory days of the music the same way hip-hop fans celebrate over the golden era. For some hardcore punk fans, it was the arrival of Sick Of It All that made them stand up and take notice. 20 years after their original releases, Reflections Records will be reissuing the first two SOIA albums on vinyl.

1989’s Blood, Sweat And No Tears (originally released on the short-lived Relativity subsidiary of In-Effect, also the home to 24-7 SPYZ and Limbomaniacs) and 1992’s Just Look Around (originally released on Relativity proper) will be pressed in a limited edition of 500 copies each. Unlike the originals, these new pressings will come in a gatefold sleeve.

The band were able to get a bit of MTV attention at a time when alternative music was the rage, Headbanger’s Ball made people proud to want to rock, and as the grunge movement acknowledged their love of punk and hardcore. It was with these two albums that solidified their placement in hardcore’s heart of hearts (if there can be such a thing).

With luck, maybe Reflections can license the Madball Ball Of Destruction 7″ EP and release that as a 12″ EP at 45rpm. Make it happen.