VIDEO: Cosmodrome’s “Two Cents”

The group heading up to New York City for a recording session, and Cosmodrome were satisfied with the results. Now you get a chance to hear and see it with this new live-in-studio performance for “Two Cents”, a song that is worth much more than that.

AUDIO: Madison McFerrin’s “What If I”

 photo MadisonMcFerrin_old2_zpsde77bbcf.jpg
Madison McFerrin is keeping things moving with her music and this time she gets on the electronic side of things courtesy of Boston-based producer Jarred Barnes, whose chosen moniker is The Arkitekt and when you listen to how they construct “What If I”, you’ll know why. It would be cool if this could be visualized too.

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Madison McFerrin & The Arkitekt’s “The Chase”

Jarred Barnes is a Boston-based artist/musician/producer/MC who goes by the name of The Arkitekt. Madison McFerrin is currently the vocalist of Cosmodrome but for this track, she collaborates with The Arkitekt to create the superfresh track “The Chase”, which reminds me of something I might expect to hear on a Sweetback or Jazzanova album. This is one of those “sit back and relax, let’s lounge, I got some hot chocolate on the stove for you” songs, perfect as we head towards winter in the northern hemisphere.

VIDEO: Madison McFerrin & Finn Singer’s “After The Rain” (Little Dragon acoustic cover)

It was released three years ago, but “After The Rain” by Little Dragon is still getting a good amount of attention from people who are discovering the song’s power and production. Now, here’s an acoustic, bare-bones version of the song I feel you should pay attention to. It’s done by vocalist Madison McFerrin and guitarist Finn Singer and together they add their brand of openness to the song. McFerrin takes Yukimi Nagano‘s original warmth and brings the vocal blanket to her side of the world, which will allow people to hear or rehear this song all over again.