AUDIO: MED & Blu & Madlib featuring Phonte & Likewise’s “Finer Things”

MED & Blu worked with Sir Madlib on an album project called Bad Neighbor and they’d like to share a track from it. This is called “Finer Things” and I want you to take a listen, so please enjoy.

Now you’re probably saying “wait a minute: I see names in the subject line, I’m not going anywhere until you mention it somewhere in this description” so I will. The main main known as Phonte Coleman is a part of this song, along with Likewise. If it has Phonte, that immediately means this song is a trademark of quality and c’mon, Madlib? Now have a listen, don’t hesitate.

SOME STUFFS: Freddie Gibbs shares new track and European tour dates

 photo FreddieGibbs_old_zpsec1bf44c.jpg
First things first: Freddie Gibbs will be heading to Europe at the end of the month:

August 30… Glasgow, Scotland (O2 ABC2)
August 31… London, England (XOYO)
September 1… Brighton, England (Komedia)
September 2… Birmingham, England (Temple)
September 3… Manchester, England (Deaf Institute)
September 4… Dublin, Ireland (The Twisted Pepper)
September 5… Helsinki, Finland (Tavastia)
September 6… Vilnius, Lithuania (Kablys)
September 9… Malmö, Sweden (Babel)
September 10… Oslo, Norway (Sawol)
September 11… Copenhagen, Denmark (Rust)
September 12… Antwerp, Belgium (Trix)
September 13… Cologne, Germany (Essigfabrik)
September 14… The Hague, Netherlands (Paard)
September 16… Heidelberg, Germany (Karlstorbahnhof)
September 17… Stuttgart, Germany (CUE Club)
September 18… Frankfurt, Germany (Sky Club)
September 19… St. Gallen, Switzerland (Palace)
September 20… Berlin, Germany (YAAM)
September 23… Lyon, France (Transbordeur)
September 24… Paris, France (Nouveau Casino)
September 25… Tourcoing, France (Le Grand Mix)
September 26… Marseille, France (MarsAttak)
September 27… Strasbourg, France (Orosphere L’Artefact)

Second, a new video of the song Gibbs did with Madlib for the album Piñata. Have a go.


FREE DL: DJ Rahdu’s “Honey Molasses: Jill Scott Remixes & Covers”
Have you ever looked at or listened to singer Jill Scott and said “damn, I wish I could pour honey all over her”? Well, maybe that’s rude, ignorant and borderline harassment depending on the situation, but perhaps that’s what DJ Rahdu had in mind when he put together this album of Jill Scott remixes called Honey Molasses, or maybe it was his way of saying “let’s combine the sounds, my influences, and see what kind of new sweetness I’m able to create”. No sorghum was involved in the creation of this. This is a one hour mix, so if you’d like to see the full tracking listing, click to the Bandcamp link of the mix for further information.


 photo Swaggt_cover_zpsd36f29d3.jpg Wouldn’t you love to be able to get your favorite albums or singles, slice it and place it between two slices of bread, maybe even a bagel or a sweet bread roll? The guys in SwAGG!T did, and while it’s impossible to slice sound, you can make a metaphorical crafty sandwich if you wish, which is what they’ve done for their album Food For You, featuring productions from folks like Knxwledge, Herring Franky, SoulShoes Beats,
BuddahSPK, and even Madlib. 12 tracks of good sounds served up Maryland style but with a bit of Tennessee essence, showing hints of the Native Tongue with the spontaneity of Outkast. Like how that sounds? Wait until you actually hear it. You might want to add gravy to it.

SOME STUFFS: Dudley Perkins returns with new album

 photo DudleyPerkins_old_zps09aaae56.jpg
Dr. Stokley (Mello Music Group) is the name of the album Dudley Perkins will be releasing, featuring productions from Georgia Anne Muldrow, Madlib, and Kankick. Forget waiting out in the chilly air at Best Buy or Target after your Thanksgiving dinner, for this album will be the thing you’ll want to buy on Black Friday, November 29th. For a hint of that stink ol’ fonk and grove, check out what Kankick put together with “Foot Surgery”, a track that will probably need some foot powder after it is true. The beautiful mind of Perkins continues to expand and explore. The vinyl and CD pressings of Dr. Stokley can be ordered from Mello Music Group right now. iTunes pre-ordering is also available as well.

SOME STUFFS: MED releases outtakes from 2011 album produced by Madlib

 photo MED_old_zps1a9fd4a0.jpg
For whatever reason, when MED worked on these songs with Madlib for an album, they were not used. MED has them in his possession and he decided to release them for all to hear. These are the songs you’ll hear below:
1) Open Your Eyes
2) Sleeper Bag (featuring Oh-No)
3) Privacy (featuring Steve Arrington)
4) Mirror Talk (featuring Pok)
5) Hold U (featuring Aloe Blacc)
6) Thee Amazing (featuring Mellow D)
7) Same Shit

You have MED doing his best, and with Madlib… you all know how I feel about Madlib. If you love the Classic album, this is what you weren’t able to hear until now.

AUDIO: Freddie Gibbs & Madlib’s “Harold’s”

History is still the word, and I speak of the new project by Freddie Gibbs and Sir Madlib that is still five months away from seeing the full light of day (or even the glimpse of the moonlight) but a single called Deeper (Madlib Invazion) was released yesterday and this is what you’ll find on the B-side. “Harold’s”… that’s all I’m going to say about it. “Harold’s”. Dig in and while you’re at it, also pick up Baby Face Killa, the new full length by Freddie Gibbs that was also released today.

SOME STUFFS: Freddie Gibbs and Madlib making music history

 photo FreddieGibbs_old_zps64199fb3.jpg
Let’s get a few things cleared out of the way. Freddie Gibbs and Madlib are working together, maybe some of you are aware of this. They have a new EP coming out at the end of the month called Deeper (Madlib Invazion) with two new songs and two bonus beats. Check.

The two are hard at work on putting together a full length album, which they’re going to call Piñata, with a scheduled release date of February 4, 2014. This will most likely be one of the more anticipated albums of 2014, of any month and season, because of those who will also be on it: Scarface, Earl Sweatshirt, Domo Genesis, Casey Veggies, Mac Miller, Polyester The Saint, G-Wiz, Danny Brown, Ab-Soul, BJ The Chicago Kid, Meech (of Flatbush Zombies), and Raekwon.

Even with the album five months away, they’re touring right now, or at least Freddie Gibbs is, Madlib might be in Venezuela checking out some caves for records but either way, this is where (t)he(y) will be, doing some Rock The Bells dates with some Australasian dates in between:

September 8… San Bernadino, CA (San Manuel Amphitheater – Rock the Bells)
September 14… Mountain View, CA… (Shoreline Amphitheater – Rock the Bells)
September 18… Fitzroy, Australia (Laundry Bar)
September 19… Wellington, New Zealand (James Cabaret)
September 20… Auckland, New Zealand (The Studio)
September 21-22… Sydney, Australia (OutsideIn Festival)
September 28… Washington, D.C. (RFK Stadium Festival Grounds – Rock the Bells)
October 4… East Rutherford, NJ (Meadowlands Racetrack Grass Infields – Rock the Bells)

VIDEO: E Major’s “Outrageous”

It was in early 1985, during the American Music Awards, where as the host of the awards show, Lionel Richie had said the word “outrageous!” and made it the catchphrase of the night and week. If social media existed back then, it would have lead to 1000 memes and cries of lunacy from haters.

E Major is originally from Baltimore, Maryland and probably would like to be as prosperous as Lionel Richie is, hard work and determination will lead him there. September 2nd is when he’ll be releasing his album Baltimore Bruin, which is where “Outrageous” originates. While not featuring any Lionel Richie, Commodores, or Kenny Rogers samples, it’s a song that is, in the words of E Major himself, “fresh, never tacky”. If the beat sounds familiar, then you’re a Madlib fan, as it’s taken from “Movie Finale” from the Beat Konducta In India album. To add to this, E Major decided to go to India to not only be in front of the camera of the video, but behind the scenes, as he directed this one himself. His wife’s family is from India, so it was more than apt that the video he made it for was rooted from a Bollywood record.

VIDEO: Quasimoto’s “Catchin’ The Vibe”

Recycle centers, corner store markets, and junkyard shanty towns: if this isn’t the best hip-hop videos ever made, I don’t know. This is Quasimoto offering you a chance to be “Catchin’ The Vibe”, a song from his Stones Throw EP Yessir Whatever (my review of which can be read by clicking here)